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Made for sex!


5 6 7 0 9

such a good girl


delicious eeveee

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I will now buy your game.

this is disgusting
please delete this image

Only a fake lolicon would reject oppai loli

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this is so hot
please give me more

Game freak knew exactly what they were doing with her.

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I want to fuck her

I want to cuddle her

She is a child...

she is a puffy vulva

and also a slut

>fursuiters are suddenly ok
Sup Forums will approve of fucking anything if someone shoves an anime drawing of it in their face.

>open sankaku
>first few posts are all her
very based how fast these heroes are working

Children cant be sluts


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A literal furry


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>Never saw a 12 yo pregnant
Sup Forums is for third worlders.

Disgusting, where are the shotas?

This looks so stupid.

Fuck off

It isn't a fursuit if the face is showing. Real fursuits are just creepy.

Not when it looks like that shit.

What's her name?

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This is what we need.


It's not a fursuit, they're her jam jams.

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If it's a loli in a fursuit it's okay.
If it's some fat homo it's not okay.
Not a hard concept.

Poke Kid Sunny

>I'm going to make your wee wee cry
what did she mean by this

>japan will never stop putting pedobait in their pokemon games and pokefags will defend their right to jackoff to it against any and everybody that threatens them

oh god look how tiny she is

Stupid kid

hahaha pedos fucking OWNED

Not anymore

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>video game threads no longer allowed on Sup Forums
What did the mods mean by this?

So now that this is here this thread needs more oppai.

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