Trap thread!

Trap thread!

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Those thigh high socks are godly.
Would fuck.

Wow! Those curves!!

Soo...nice one Elon

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A trap I'd actually fuck..


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fuck off fag. I posted one of these quoted posts.

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who likes Kit?

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Great ass, I wanna plunge balls deep in that.

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Fuck I do..

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Grindr trap I found

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I hope you like chastity annon, cause she is always on chastity

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You fuck? Whats that app like for traps?

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Did you fucc?

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Not yet. Just started talking to her I hope I get to fuck cause she’s hot af

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Post more pics. Plus post more of others on there who are hot

I’m impartial but i can make an exception for her

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How is that a trap?

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REAL trap thread here Other sissies and traps contribute, too :)

fuck off with your one lame pic

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Who is this?

There's more now, and it's a request thread so :P

annabelle lane