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*Inhales* ...Nice try. Almost got me.

Guess I'm going to have to save this dying thread.

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Anyone have the gif or webm of the asian woman having loach fish shoved up her ass?

Since Thanksgiving is coming up.....

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back to 9fag

This is still a favorite of mine
Fuck off faggot.

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Thats a good one


The text under it ruins it

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dis luk fake

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Being this new.

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when did you come here from reddit user?

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Only funny post itt

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I make poopy

For a second I thought this was subtle commentary on the state of today's ylyl threads.. then I remembered where I was

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werr i didnt rose.


I think of the guy who played Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars prequels. He almost jumped off a bridge because of the hate he got. I'm not joking, that really almost happened. There's a video on youtube about it.

ah yes a slightly edited reddit post

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I'm so proud of this community

Respectable cosplay

brings a tear of joy to my eye

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this ones a classic

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MS Paint: $0
my eye roll at this shit meme: 50ยข
my reply: $(You)

Just basting the turkey.

The first two were good. Seems like he's trying too hard with them now.

oldskool my Sup Forumsros

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I lost

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Imagine trying at something this hard and failing this miserably.




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I lost ark

God damn that majin buu sexy

Relatable, lost.

Lost at this