Metal discussion thread

Metal discussion thread

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What are your favourite bands?

black metal sucks


Even Dawn?

yep. thread.

Man kvltists must be ez b8 or something. Nobody shitting on power metal or thrash?

Pic related

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Hot take: metal's obsession with traditionalism and "trueism" has turned the whole genre into a rancid regurgitation of stale conventions and comfortable tropes. Even so-called "experimental" bands do their experiments snuggly inside the safety net of metal tropes and conventions.

Any band that truly desires to break ground and experiment sonically, conceptually, lyrically, etc. does so by distancing themselves from metal as a whole, because they know that by delving deeper within the genre they will find more and more closed doors and less freedom to come up with something new, fresh and relevant.

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Or people just like double bass/screaming/macabre lyrics and distorted guitars.

ridiculously brutal

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no. just no.

Ok contrarian. Care to contirbute anything aside from pseudo academic bs regarding an appreciation for something that is relative?

You swallow

Their new album competes with that one, its on the same level but just almost as good

That's one statement about one Sub-Genre of Metal. Anything else?

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Thoughts on these guys basically breaking up? Also Alexi looks like hes dying, thin as a skeleton and sounds very weak

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Iron maiden sucks and it isn't heavy metal.

I like SLEEP I think there pretty good

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My favourite metal is copper. It's so beautiful, kinda hypnotizing to me. Not only it's so common and practical, but it's also been around for centuries already.

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Holy fuck, he does look like he’s dying, Christ Almighty it looks like he has AIDS or fucking cancer

They are def pretty good. Matt and Al rule.

wtf alexi looks horrible

Saw Obituary back in October and it was a fun time, tiny venue though which made it even more awesome. Ears were ringing for almost 2 days afterwards

Wear earplugs next time

just look at this Victorian kettle, made up of copper. SO FUCKING COOL¡¡

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I love how people today basically tell you "You don't have a very expansive taste in music if you don't listen to Rap or Hip Hop." Whether directly stated or not, it seems the general consensus. My musical taste is definitely expansive. And I don't need to listen to cRap music to know so.

Etc. etc.

Saw them at The Forum not so long ago, good shit live - shame the venue had a strict curfew :(

Anybody see this movie. It’s called FUBAR

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holy shit you fags are fags. I know about your little freak out before you go into a venue and see dudes like me. Ripped to shreds. Go back home. This isn't for you

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That’s awesome friend but it sucks that the venue had a strict curfew

Lol what


heavy metal songs need to be shorter

most of it does but mayhem is awesome

Ghost baths lead is from my town. He prefers to stay anonymous. They are alright. Thier lead is a genius however I thought he did better in other bands despite the European obsession hes created for himself.

Is this b8?

Any love for Protest the Hero in here?

Also I need new metal to listen to. Preferably something that will make my balls explode. I'm not super picky but I'm picky as fuck

Sad af. Alexi was my first guitar hero.

That was fucking awful thanks user

meddl loide

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This might be more your style

Metal is dead.

Rock is dead.

Found the old piece of shit who jams out to AC/DC in their car at full volume.

Dude what the fuck, I've always known that the guy was thin, but he literally looks ill. He can't be more than 100lbs.

I'd go see brojob just for the aesthetic. Don't know if they even play though. I am in fact gay as fuck and it's hard to find other metal-fag fags.

Hi. I think you fit perfectly with the people I was talking about in my post . The "Rap is best genre" crowd. Hip Hop is such trash.

oldfag here. saw Sepultura in 94 and smashed the fuck out of some of your beta dads in the pit. Chaos

Fuck yeah,

Saw them last at the start of October. 10/10 would do again. Good timing too as they're apparently going into hiatus next year

Does anyone vibe acid bath? I have never found a band that incorporates differing tempos and feels, withing single songs, as they have.

mercury is best, prove me wrong

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