Wednesday Brunch With Your Favorite Celeb Bunch

Wednesday Brunch With Your Favorite Celeb Bunch.

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I miss the RP anons

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What am I? Chopped liver?

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Waifuuu... oh my waifu

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I have no idea who you are or who that celeb is tbh

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Man this is like the worst picture you could ever find.

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Fair enough hot stuff.

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Who else do you like to rp as?

I love you OP

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Not as much as I love you! :>
I go with the flow baby!

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Its me and Dua Lipa :3

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I can support that. I kinda hated when I was told to pic one specificly celeb. I'm more of a I like theses ones and this type of stuff you pic the celeb you feel fits kinda person

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Jew pigs

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what's wrong bruddah?

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So cute :3

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i want another life in which i'll be a world-famous boxer and she'll be my girlfriend.

Do you have a discord?

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She will always be hot

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I do not know the level of autism you have to achieve to post this every thread but honestly at this point I'm impressed.

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It's been too long. I miss you guys

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I don't even know you and I miss you.

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I used to RP for a little bit, but no one liked my high school bully Cara with bits of forced sissyfication / castration fetish =(
Too specific, I guess.

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Cara is too scrawny for a castration fetish. Can't get into it when I could break her arms tbh

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Why so toxic, relax. Its just my dream

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Yes, we all know it's your dream. Your dream doesn't change every thread, you don't need to restate it.

Yeah ive been gone a while since my dumb ass husband knocked me up. I had a great thing going too

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Jenna poster?


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The thing was like, she would first break your mind by brutally bullying and humiliating you all throughout high school, then she would forcibly sissyfy you and only then, as the last step, she would castrate you so that the only pleasure you could feel was anal from one of her many Chad boyfriends.
I thought it was quite hot, but it didn't take on.

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Whelp, always down for some more celeb friends! :>

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Hey man you do you but castration is a rough one. Irreversible fetish=not the move.

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Do I look like Jenna???
Thank you! Though this place will never be like it was back in the celeb wars

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Its my choice!

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I have genuinely no idea who you're posting. Is she a celeb?

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where did you go nigger?

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Maybe that last part scared people away =/

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Why are we Posting celebs again.

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So hot before she went fucking insane.

Very welcome! Many smoches and cuddles 4 u!

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Good god she makes me leak

Gay ERP baby, you're in the right place.

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Truely sad when even I'm not noticed anymore
I had to take time off from being fuck twice my size because me retard husband knocked me up.
Awe your a sweetei~

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Not usually into her but damn

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Good god. How has she gotten hotter?

Are you rping as the celeb? I don't know you or her, I am sorry.