Is anyone watching the hearing? This dude basically just confirmed everything that the Democrats have been saying

Is anyone watching the hearing? This dude basically just confirmed everything that the Democrats have been saying.

Trump is megafucked.

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Watch and wait for the tsunami of cope, ret-con, and denial.

I think they might have to up their game to "Civil War Now" after this lol

LOL, yea, that civil war crap is all just edgy teenager talk, I'm certain of it.

>This dude basically just confirmed
Nice to have that cute little bubble where you use mental gymnastics to fit whatever libcuck narrative you see fit.
3 years of screeching down, 5 to go.

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What did Sondland say?

>Muh Fox News said this was an incredible success!!

This is your brain on maga

He said pretty much everything the Dems have been saying the whole time.

"We followed the president's orders"

>the republican witness turned 180° and confirmed the impeachable offense
toppest of keks

too bad the reps are a bunch of weak-ass faggots who will not depose him

the hardcore trump voters aren't as numerous as they seem, the reps would be better off ditching trump for pence

"Everyone was in the loop"
"At the time, I didn't realize the Burisma investigations meant investigating the Bidens"

He just threw like 10 high up officials under the bus.

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>Dems have been saying the whole time.
Trump likes peepee and is a russian asset?

did cuckservatives storm out crying again?

>t cute little bubble where yo
that's the farttard that farted during an interview

"It was my presumption at the time that announcing the investigations was a condition for receiving the aid."

Now I'm wondering who will be running on the GOP ticket in 2020.

Can't be Pence, he'd lose. Zero personality and looks like a molester.

Well, by Sondlands testimony so far, Pence is involved in this whole fiasco. I don't know if he is going to get out of this clean.

It's not over yet, but I would expect that to happen again.


Yikes, ok then. This testimony alone may have cost the GOP the next election.

OTOH, I'm happy to see the truth come out, but unhappy to see so much corruption at the highest levels.

any trumpcucks want to weigh in?

This guy doesn't seem right why is he smiling

"Thats how Trump and I communicate, lots of 4 letter words" lllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllll

With Jews you lose.

Also, Sondland just admitted that Trump has MANY unsecured communications via phone calls, cell phones and landlines. As long as Trump decides that whatever he is talking about isn't classified. That...isn't good at all.

>Trump is megafucked.
Alas, the Republitards are staunchly supporting the traitor. He has too much dirt on them through his association with The Enquirer all these years. They are sacrificing the country for their jobs.

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Regarding the quid pro quo that involved withholding aid unless Ukraine announced they'd investigate Burisma (specifically the Bidens): "everyone was in the loop"

Now watch all of Trump's loyal cultists dance around the fact that Trump has been denying the quid pro quo from day one. They just shift the goalposts to, "but he just wanted to fix corruption in Ukraine".

>b b but Hillary's servers...

Yea. The only thing keeping Trump propped up is EVERYONE lying for him. He's a useful idiot.

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yeah trump is gonna get a free pass in the Senate. there’s literally no reason for
them not to exonerate him at this point. fuckin Dems blew their credibility way too wary into this administration. if they played it cool until they actually had something impeachable then they might have had a chance.

> Trump is megafucked.

Yawn. Again?

why? is it going to change your mind? a better discussion would be why you hate the president so much? If he was out of office tomorrow, would it make any difference in your pathetic life? you want gay rights? open boarders? what are you getting out of it? you're arguing about people who have personal issues with each other and you think it has to do with the American people. get a life and you won't be so upset about what people who don't give a rats ass about you are doing

> Now I'm wondering who will be running on the GOP ticket in 2020.

Trump, obviously. Sondland's testimony proves beyond reasonable doubt that Trump did exactly what he's been accused of doing, but 90% of Republican voters will still support him, because they will either ignore the evidence, or say "so what if he did?"

And as long as Trump has that kind of support, no Republican senator will dare to vote to expel him from office, because becoming Trump's enemy would be political suicide for any Republican politician who isn't about to retire.

Trump will lose the popular vote in 2020 by a larger margin than he did in 2016, but it's entirely possible that he'll still win the electoral college.

Which is depressing as fuck, but there you go.

I know, right? It's a "Me, but not for thee" thing. Hell, even Ivanka and his other kids have been in trouble for the same things that they were trying to lock Hillary up for.

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This is a public service announcment against the server


It is advertised as a trap server. Do not join. We are collectively trying to take it down, but we need more help.
When we take it down it appears all over again. When staff gets banned two more take their place.

It is literally unstoppable.

I won't go into detail about what the server does, but note that it is a danger to peoples lives.


tl;dr triggered trumpcuck
>a better discussion would be why you hate the president so much?
not what I asked, not topic of thread, kys
>you want gay rights?
>open boarders
thanks for the laugh faggot

That's the thing though. Trump has been committing impeachable acts -100 of his Presidency. Remember the whole "Russia, if you're listening" thing? The issue is that I think the Democrats underestimated the Republicans as a whole. The Reps saw a useful idiot, and they all swore a blood oath or something "No matter what he does, says, or is associated with, lie for him and dismiss everything so we can get our objectives done through him."

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feel better now? now you can go about your insignificant day in your insignificant life

>Hell, even Ivanka and his other kids have been in trouble for the same things that they were trying to lock Hillary up for
Here's a little nugget that people often forget about: Trump once considered David Petraus -- someone who was found guilty of mishandling classified material -- for secretary of state. Of course Republicans didn't bat an eye.

>it's over, etc

if you impeach a president over nothing then from now all on all presidents are in the middle of being impeached all the time. next dem president impeached the moment he speaks to a foreign nation, has an opinion, speaks to the media or just generally does anything. you broke so many rules you don't realize we no longer have to follow because you broke them already and pretended it was okay. that makes it okay for us, too. mob rule is funny like that.

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This is correct and why he won’t be removed from office. And when he isn’t removed, Republicans will cry that dems wastes time and money, dems will cry that the Republican Party is corrupt, and both with be correct. Meanwhile, we’ll be fucked, as will anyone who counted on us as allies.

In short, we’re fucked. Our elected representatives are retarded.

Not everyone is as corrupt as Lord Donnie, user. And VERY few people are as stupid and reckless when they're doing illegal things.

>Muh CNN does all my thinking for me.

>over nothing
Bill got impeached for lying about a blowjob. "Its about restoring the sanctity to the office", as a Republican once said.

Trump is being outed as holding foreign military aid to a country at war to pressure them into announcing an investigation into his political rival for personal gain. I'm watching the testimony RIGHT NOW.

Seethe, twist, whine, mewl like a bitch all you want. You can't change the facts.

>speaking with foreigners is the same as asking another nation to interfere in our politics
Fuck off, nigger.

>you broke so many rules you don't realize we no longer have to follow because you broke them already and pretended it was okay. that makes it okay for us, too. mob rule is funny like that.

Trumptard logic is like dealing with whiney teenagers. Time to grow up kiddo.


Half of his responses are "I don't recall" and trying to hold back a shitface grin

Now now, it isn't over yet. The Republicans won't turn on Trump...but if public opinion sways? Nixon got up to like 57% public disapproval and Republicans MADE him resign. Defending someone that unpopular risks their own seats.

Bear in mind, this is still just the beginning. Sondland just threw like 10 people under the bus, and they have to testify now. This could go on for another...3 months just getting the facts. A lot can change in that time.

I'm curious as to what you watching because I'm watching it live and your assertions aren't true.

Squid pro row

Hey, I'm just watching the testimony, there's no interpretation there. And even someone that hasn't been following this can plainly see it's bad news,

Dont worry guys, nobodies overthrowing our president. We get him til 2025.

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it's just triggred trumpies getting desperate, laugh at then ignore

Ironically, this is *exactly* what the Germans thought of Hitler. They thought they could control the buffoon. Oops.
History is repeating, and the actual supporters combined with those who are coerced means the story will only get worse.
And then we have Sup Forumstards who cheer this on, like the future is going to be fun.

>Over nothing
It says a lot about you and your ilk that your standards for what constitutes "something" have been set so high. Proof that the bar for Republicans has been set shamefully low.

problem is that this is a political crime (against the dems)

if he shot hillary on live tv there would still be republicans supporting him

>I'm watching the testimony RIGHT NOW.
What a world shaker you are

Okay tiblard

Why did Trump support Southern governors (and lose so badly)? Doesn't he realize Southern dems are basically republicans?

>Trump is megafucked

hey man, i have a bridge to sell ya


>Bill got impeached for lying about a blowjob.
He was impeached for lying to federal agents, and perjury.
Same that Muller got a few people for. So obviously, it's pretty serious of a crime.

>if he shot hillary on live tv there would still be republicans supporting him
Who's he dipshit?

"If he shot Hillary"as if that's a bad thing.

Keep seething libcuck you've been doing it for 3 years you have five to go

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When Trumptard unclenches his ass and finally releases his taxes, then he'll be fucked.
He'll go out like Nixon.

I disagreed with that wholeheartedly to be fucking honest. I disagree with the entire notion of monitoring these people for perfect behavior, it's stupid, you people literally started it in the 80's as a way to nail some guy.

you found a picture of him with a woman who wasn't wife who was wearing a bikini in the picture, it cost him the ticket to Walter Mondale who proceeded to positively beef it to Ronnie Ray Gun himself, fucking short-sighted idiots, you're here complaining about your own nasty strategy.

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Your god emperor will be ousted soon. Cry moar.

Oh you.

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When nothing happens and the libtards get triggered the trumpies will jerk our big wieners and will laugh with out chicken tendies that our moms made

Libcucks calling the other side desperate. That’s rich lmao.

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>as if thats a bad thing
Trump has you fucking morons by the balls. Divide and conqueror, paint the other half of America as your true enemy and vote for me so I can fuck EVERYONE and you're going to slobber on my knob while worshiping and thanking me for it. Just to own 'the libs'. Sad.

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all that but not even close to the one person you were trying to get. Top Kek, mate.

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>Just to own 'the libs'. Sad.
The mere fact that you're owned by it is what it makes it so amusing.


Seriously. The conservicucks seem obsessed with Shillery. Even though she's no longer relevant.


So...what are you trying to say? We shouldn't want to make sure we have a President who obeys the laws? Like, the one person who has the potential to single handedly alter the course of American politics and foreign relations?

name calling is all you have to fall back on because your president's position is untenable and you know it

Now seems like a really good time to get off the trump train of you ever want anyone to take you seriously ever again. Or double down on retardation like you guys always do.

He just shot down Pence, Pompeo and Bolton as well.
They will all go down in flames as the most corrupted and disgraceful administration in hostory.

Sup Forums was once a great place, where libtard faggots were despised and cool niggers reigned. The golden age of Sup Forums has fallen and now the rats are festering within our domain

>Hi, since I've been screeching autistically for the last 3 years I want you to feel my pain no matter how badly I have to misconstrue reality.
*Jazz hands*

Didn't Goebbels say that?

I've been here since the beginning and this was never true.

Truly fucked.

Will resign.

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>started in the 80s
my fucking siiiiiiides

the shits been going on since the annunaki visited us you mong

That's why the Dems do that, eh?

But it's not the same. You see, Trump and the Republicans are the ones with the most power right now -- and they've been abusing it. So, naturally the Democrats are going to be "desperate" to restore a semblance of honor and order to the office.

The Republicans, on the other hand, are desperate because they know the jig is up. They know they don't have a fucking leg to stand on, and so they're throwing a hissy fit and putting on a spectacular display of mental gymnastics.

They gonna double down. Then retcon and deny it all. They are not a smart group, but they make up for it in sheer stubborn ignorance.

This video proves that whatever is said, there's no basis for it, and it'll end in a failed impeachment attempt. Try harder, bro. You'll get your chance in 2024.

Yup. The fact his faggot ass campaigned so hard for Southern Republicunt gubnors and lost so hard seems like a bretty gud indicator.

>O U T

I approve of those tits.

I'm not. I don't hate the American people, for all they do and believe. Its the fuckers high up in politics who are trying to divide us.

I mean, its HARD not to just outright hate Trump. He is hypocritical, an idiot, angry at lots of things. But at the end of the day, it's still the Republican party as a whole who are validating and propping him up.

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Who's that?

>Thanks for the advice libcuck

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