Why are women with dicks so popular, and men with vaginas aren't?

Why are women with dicks so popular, and men with vaginas aren't?

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This is genuinely disgusting.


men are ugly

Cause traps are not gay

Cause femininity is hot and masculinity is not.

Well, there is a lot of porn where a guy and a girl fuck, and if he had a vagina, he would be less masculine and it wouldn't be so gay

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Straight porn is gayer than this

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So what are all you social propaganda ((agents)) going to do when you run out of degeneracy to post?

no one wants to fuck someone who looks like a guy.

I disagree, guys are hot, even more if they are hot twink boys, it's so hot to cum inside his pussy and get him pregnant

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Because most porn is geared towards straight men and even straight men love dicks.

I have a thing for scruffy baby faces and tattoos and most trans guys have both so Im down, dick or no dick.

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1. FTMs pass much more easily, so it's less fetishized
2. women being gay is less of a stigma so there's fewer closeted lesbians tricking themselves into tacking whoremoans or looking at tranny porn to cope with their pussy lust like closeted guys look at tranny porn to deal with their cocklust

Men with vaginas are my absolute fucking favorite.

Yes, trans guy usually look like they are 10 years younger than they actually are, it's very appealing

Humans should be destroyed


Because its disgusting
Which is alot from me cuz I'm BI and got fucked by a tranner before, but that shit even makes me uncomfortable.

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10/10 would eat that dudes pussy all day.

For me it's the big eyes and full lips thing, less the age thing. Most people with baby faces look 4-5 years younger which isn't a very large gap.

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Its the old 1/2 mermaid with traps. If you were stuck on and Island with a trap would you choose a 10/10 chick with a dick or a 10/10 dude with a pussy?

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Dude with a pussy if you're not gay.

You could deferentially populate the island.

Why would you want to populate a DESERT island.

so when you get older you make the kids hunt for food for you.

it's a desert island, what food are you hunting? You think there's a lot of resources in a desert surrounded by ocean?

You assert your dominance by taking your eldest son to the highest peak of the island and telling him God said you have to sacrifice him. And at the last minute tell him God told him he was to take care of you all the days of his life he will be so grateful he will do it.

Because women are attractive, men aren't. A vagina isn't enough to make a difference, if it looks like a man it looks like shit.

I've been banging FTMs for a while and I must say, they're easier to get with since most of them are desperate and horny due to the testosterone sex drive.

>Because women are attractive
Why would you want to fuck a crossdressing man then

Yeah, I can see that, for me it's the possibility of getting him pregnant hahah

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I always kinda wanted to be a trans guys boyfriend because I'd be the best trans guy boyfriend ever but alas my boyfriend does in fact have a penis

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Because I like dicks.

It's almost as if gender is a social systems of signs and affects rather than genitals.
Making this super gay fag.

This is the next step in the evolutionary ladder for men. Now that we have IVF and lesbians can get pregnant without sex, human penises have become obsolete, and only vaginas and uterus are useful for making babies. In the future, all men will have vaginas, and they will share equally with women the duties of getting pregnant, give birth, and periods.
If you are against this, then you're on the wrong side of history, and your prejudice is on the way of human progress.

cause women wanna be men but men dont wanna be women

That does not make sense