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To what?

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sorry sir!

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God, that's hot

Into black men user?

Nah dawwwwg, ya can go fawk yosel'

Who isn't

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I'm sorry you're a nigger

Well I’m black so it’s kinda weird seeing all you guys seemingly opposed with black dudes?

What about it get to you?

Everyone who isn't a raging faggot

I like BBC

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show that big black cock

Why are you sorry?

What specifically about it though?

I don’t have a big black cock. It’s pretty average

It's big and black

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I can understand the big part sexually but what about the black part is the turn on?

Is it the contrast? The fact that it feels taboo? It can’t just be the color can it?

White cocks you can see the gross blue veins
they don't look as intimidating, manly, and rugged as a black cock

Are they inherently intimidating or do you think it’s something you’ve been conditioned to believe because media and stats presents black people as more aggressive?


Probably somewhere in the middle

>they don't look as intimidating, manly, and rugged as a black cock

Or maybe you're just a faggot. Just putting it out there.