Right or left and wwyd thread. dubs gets nudes

Right or left and wwyd thread. dubs gets nudes

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I go Right - she looks like she needs to be tied up and forced to suck cock

What about these two?

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right ride my dick slowly
right facefuck

Pick a slut for nudes

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She has a very fuckable face...

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right please

Left needs it. Her nudes would be so hot

Pick one and wwyd

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Rights nudes

Left - make her my sex slave with a collar and leash and fuck her doggy style because she is a fuckdog

Left. I'd fuck her face

right nudes would be fine

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bikini? nude?

Wwyd to left or right?

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Left - rip that dress off her and make her eat her friend;s pussy while I fuck her doggy style

nice! moar?


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Continue anons

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show righty

more of this ugly bitch please

right looks freaky in bed, left looks controlling

Wwyd for more

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L or R? wwyd?

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Right. Lay her back, get her friend sat on her face, and fuck her raw until insemination while I play with lefty's tits and encourage righty to make her friend cum. Then swap so lefty can taste what her cunt is about to make me do again.

lefty looks like the kind of girl who thinks she likes it rough because she likes getting spanked.

I would make sure she knew what getting hate fucked feels like. I would violate every one of her holes while tied down, face first on the table.

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I would like to spray loads and loads of cum on her udders in front of her firends, then force her to suck and drink all of it


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no joke, I'd fuck short hair so hard she'd probably lose the baby

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What about these whores?

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left right or middle

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Rolling for right

send the right ones nudes OP