Stolen pics thread, bonus points for story

Stolen pics thread, bonus points for story

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Self bump

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So I've got a question that maybe someone in this thread can answer. My wife was slutty back when she was 18, before we met. She's told me about the stuff she's done, and she knows that people took pics of her doing it sometimes, but I can't find them online. I've looked everywhere I can think to but can't find shit. Is there any way of searching for pics like that? I really want to see them.

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She's too ugly for the internet. You're good.

Found some nudes of my wife on random websites after posting them on the chan over a year ago. Had to reverse image search to find them tho

Ooohhhh gottemYeah I've reverse image searched her pics but I can't find anything. I've looked on image fap, motherless, all that but I'm at a loss. I can't believe nobody would post them randomly if they had them

Who this?

Got an example pic?

...I'm not suggesting you stop posting this girl.

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Also more

Those braces get me every time

How old is your wife now?
The further it is in the past the more exponentially your chance of finding anything drops.

Yeah sure
How would I search that?

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stolen pictures from a random phone

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She's 28 now so it was 10 years ago

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Picture sent on my friend's skype. She was our room mate

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Good fucking luck in that case.
I wouldn't hold out much hope.

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I had a teacher in middle school who wore braces. Sorry to burst your bubble user

Bummer. Guess I'll just have to keep imagining what she's told me


> doesn't understand what "average" means
Learn. To. Read.

Stole some pictures off a student's phone one time. Wickr is EducatedOak9 if want face or story.

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Oh yeah sure. I've posted these online before

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What did she do? Have you tried searching with a description of what she was doing in the pics?


stolen off a friend's phone

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phone = hacked

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Yeah mostly it was her just deepthroating her friends and giving head and stuff. She said she knows there's pictures of her giving a guy a blowjob while she's eating a hamburger, but even that turned up no results for me


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Dude, how old is this pic? What the fuck is up with that tv?

prolly 6-7 years old

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Worked on their laptop

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Those braces ugh

stolen from my cousin of his gf

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have more??

post more

only a few

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Post more pics


marella g

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Bump. More stolen pics pls. Family, friends, coworkers

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I know a few people who have braces into their 20s

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Cant find you. Got more??

Tits pls


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who is she?

I once stole a phone from my friends house because I knew his mum used it, yet, deleted the photos on it. I had a quick look through the files and found a folder that stored the 'thumbnails' of images even the ones deleted. Saw photos of her tits, found out she had pierced nipples, and saw plenty photos of her sucking dick / taking dick etc.

Wish I still had them but eh, lost to the age of time.

Safe to say I busted many, many nuts to her.

Friend's wife took boudoir pics and gave them to him the night before their wedding. He got wasted the night before and when the groomsmen brought him back to his room the album was left out. Once he was out we all took the time to take pics.

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you didnt have her face in this "stolen phone"?

Women were made to be bred. As soon as puberty hits they can have babies. "Legal age of consent" is just a made up thing by mad parents. If this girl is 13 she's DTF already, because her biology makes her that way. The body wants to REPRODUCE!

They weren't stolen but an user forced me to give them up or hed dox Anna

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keep them going

might as well keep sharing them then

might as well keep sharing her now

I came hard af but its scary

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friends wife. I go over to there house a lot and bring my USB to pull of her computer. (it's always on and near the bathroom) too easy.

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go on

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Stole pics from a random slut at a bar, my mates’s gf, and my sister

Same! I have my sister, bros gf. Friends gfs and wives. Coworkers you name it

even my slut gf, found nudes she’s sent in the past

Let’s see her tits

I bet. she your gf?

you guys going to post them?

Those are my fave. I got into her Snapchat and found tons of old nudes

Let’s see the skinniest


keep going

please continue

Soo...he was behind that...?

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mine deleted snapchat when we stated dating but still found some nudes scattered through text messages

Share them

Yes. Shes gonna fucking murder me

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Full frontal w face?

No fucking way. I cant post anymore. Post cum clarity


Unfortunately no full nudes

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