Have you ever fucked a squirter? How to manage it? How it taste? Does she squirt with every orgasm?

Have you ever fucked a squirter? How to manage it? How it taste? Does she squirt with every orgasm?

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she basically just pisses your bed and you've to change the sheets every time

I did once. She was Canadian. I had the fetish before I met her too. What a nice surprise. She was in to anal as well. She wasnt the hottest, but she was more in tune with her body than the average girl. As for the look and taste, it didnt really seem like piss to me. She once squirted all over my couch. If it was piss it would probably reek but we just used a towel and no one knew. She didnt squirt every time, but once you can make it happen with her, it sort of becomes your own personal goal. Super rewarding, and it seems like the squirting orgasms were more intense for her.

Piss, user. It's piss.

my gf squirts...
does not squirts every time, most times she is just very very wet.
is almost tasteless.

Managing it is difficult...
pratically I can't fuck on every spot I like because we need a preparation aka 2 towels or 1 water-proof towel ( the same used on infants bed ).
Otherwise I need to not only change sheets but also mattress...

It’s pee pee.

user it’s piss

You are full of piss

Fuckin moron

Finger the g spot quite rough with your middle and ring finger. It will feel for her as if she must piss eventually. Don't stop when she says stop or pushes your hand away. And it's not exactly piss. Doesn't taste like much.

it smells like roasted coffee.
it's easy to make her squirt with the 2 middle fingers pushing against her g-spot.
she must push quite a bit too.

yeah for her it's like pissing, so she always fear that she pissed so she restrains herself...

for me I achived it while licking or while fucking her, never while fingering..

it is piss
all women piss
so if you not a virgin
all answers should be yes
because it is piss
bye bye

Spotted the virgin

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Ok virgin

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Stop watching industrialized porn.

Ya. It was pretty hot honestly. Sometime more than others depending position and how hard she cums

wife has squirted maybe 3 or 4 times. Always with lots of foreplay when she actually wants to fuck and is enjoying the sex. Mostly from fingering. G-spot shit. It's not (just) pee cause she can't pee that much... I think.

Dubs of truth. Female ejaculate is produced by the lesser vestibular glands (Skene's gland). It's mostly water with some fructose and some hormones. It can be "ejected" by qlimax. So all you piss faggots: learn how to use Wikipedia.

I want her to present me with a difficult math problem. If I am unable to solve it, she locks me in chastity for a month. After a month I get another math problem. If I don't solve it, the time caged goes up 4X. This process repeats until I am looking at spending the rest of my life caged and she agrees to let me have one final release if I agree to become her eunuch foot maintenance servant.

100% of squirting in porn is piss

it is piss
we got the dicks
we ejaculate
fuck wiki
tired of men trying to make women like us.
you a fucking loser
it is piss
there are no glands
quit lying
we got the dicks
they have vaginas
it is piss
fructose my ass nigger

Yeah and when your bladder is empty you can't piss any more. My gf is hardcore squirter, we fuck only in the shower or in the bathtub, because we are sick of cleaning afterwards.

It’s really hot at first but honestly it gets old after a while. You can’t just lay and cuddle after sex because the bed is soaked. Even with a towel under her.

she cant pee that much.
contradict yourself much?
no gland down there to hold that much fluid as you claim.
there is an organ and its called the bladder. how you comparing balls and prostate to the what women are working with? so a woman can feel like a man cause she wants to ejaculate fluids like us. it is piss guy.

Maybe. Most of the time they just pump water up there before the shot.

The amount of autism

It's not a piss, they're pumping water into their bladders.

your son has autism cause you fucked your mother. believe what you want.
it is piss oh she squirting a whole cup of fluid on the bed. how many ounces. 2 or 3 fluid ounces of what? coming from where. her bladder that is where. it is piss

> Have you ever fucked a squirter?
yeah - only one girl though, and I don't see her anymore.

> How to manage it?
giving her a good fingerbanging; concentrating on her clit, getting a couple of fingers inside her, and a couple of fingers up her ass did the trick

> How it taste?
doesn't really taste of anything that I can think of for a comparison

>Does she squirt with every orgasm?
no - the girl I was with could only usually do it during aforementioned fingerbanging

the shit you see in porn is not real. id like to reiterate that the shit you see in porn is not real. in my experience women squirting is real, i had a gf who would do it occasionally.
>How to manage it?
not really sure how to answer this. off the top of my head it happened one time in missionary, once when i had her from behind against a wall, and once from eating her out/fingering. so just make her cum i guess?
>How it taste?
never tasted it
>Does she squirt with every orgasm?
it's not like the fucking shit on porn where a shitload of stuff comes out, it's not that much but it's definitely noticeable and sometimes if you are inside her it almost feels like a spritz bottle on your dick

Shush. Bedtime

My ex was a squirter. The sex was always good because she had a squirting orgasm every single time we had sex. If you find a squirter, you have found someone who is really good for sex, and you should try to date them for a few years, at least. You won't regret it.

>virgins saying it’s not piss
Always good for a laugh

i put your youngest daughter to bed with a teaspoon of sugar with my semen added. your daughter likes my cum better than yours. you mad? bet you i can get that bitch to squirt in my mouth like i squirt in hers. and you cannot catch us ans she wont tell. gday mate.

>pumping water into their bladders
4chanatomy at it’s finest

Shut up, faggot. You write like youre the leading researcher of female orgasms at the institute of pretentious people.

My ex squirted hardcore, and every single time we had sex. You act like you know every so gle woman's body on earth and have studied female ejaculation for decades with a team of know it all in the field.

You dont know shit.

You will let her piss in your mouth? What a kinky 12 yo boy you are. Now go rub your clitty. Must be all hard because you showed my place sooo well. Bye bye

It's piss dude. "squirting" is pissing.
Where would all that fluid be coming from? For the volume and speed of "squirt" to happen as it does, there would have to be some kind of sac that holds all the fluid. And there is one: it's called the bladder.

Squirt tastes like piss because it is piss. All these squirters you lust for are just women with incontinence issues.

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My first girlfriend was a squatter. She loved the feeling of squirting so for me it was just visual proof that I was doing a decent job. Gave 16 year old me the confidence boost I needed

mfw squirter autocorrected to squatter

You’re a fag
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you write like an idiot and a liar

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My GF squirts hard through finger blasting and sometimes on penetration too. People that are saying it's just piss are either virgins or just inexperienced in bed. While it does contain traces of your usual piss, it isn't just piss overall, my GFs looks and smells nothing like piss, it's clear and mostly scentless, some other girls have had more smell to theirs, but it was never just piss. I can really tell in porn videos when a girl is faking a squirt and just pissing now though, girls pussies are pushing out hard when they're squirting/gushing because they are orgasming hard, in these videos you see girls just piss a bit and they clearly aren't orgasming.

The thing is that not all girls can have a squirting orgasm, some just "cream" instead, some both. But they are completely orgasm related and squirt is not just a girl pissing.

Don't listen to these virgins whose future girlfriends will go to other men to get real orgasms.

Kinda? I've been with two girls who "squirted" but it was only like once or twice throughout a 3-4 year time period (LTR)

First one:
>We always had an amazing sexual connection, but an extremely bad emotional relationship (really abusive, she had BPD I found out)
>So after we broke up, we had a really hard time stopping fucking
>fast forward like a few months after the breakup, we tried really hard not to fuck each other so we stopped seeing each other as much
>Of course this didn't work, she invited me to some party she went to one night
>After the party we're both a little tipsy, she had no ride home (I bet she planned this) so being a gentleman I offer to take her home
>We get to her parking lot and within like 3 seconds we're all over each other , one thing leads to another and we're in the backseat fucking like wild animals
>This was the wettest she had ever been, I mean like monumentally DRIPPING down my cock wet
>When she came, she "squirted" on my cock - it wasn't the big stream of piss like you see in porn, it was legit like she ejaculated her vagina fluid onto my cock or something. It even left a stain on my seat. It was thicker than piss/water, much like vaginal fluid but there was probably like 2-3 tablespoons that came out all over my dick and pelvis

It was super hot.

>My current gf and I have been together for like 6 years
>One particularly hot sex session, also, she was super wet
>When she had her 3rd or 4th orgasm a really small amount of substance came out on my hand (she was on top, I was masturbating her with my hand while she rode my cock) I'd say like no more than a teaspoon or half a teaspoon, but it definitely came out into my hand... same thing, vaginal fluid... like the consistency of precum

Thats my only experience with it.