Admit it liberals. You vote Dem because

Admit it liberals. You vote Dem because


Just be honest about it.

Admit is Republicans. You vote Rep because you actually work for your lifestyle or you're just edgy kids.

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One party attempts to help the little guy and targets the rich as our problems.
The other helps the rich and targets the little guy as our problems. You vote for whichever camp you're in.

The advantage is that the rich are good at convincing others to do battle for them

Stop lying, you want



I'm not even sure what you're trying to say, mate.

Please use English

only boomers and gen x wins from both parties . at this point if we all vote dem we lose it all goes to reps

Most Dem voters are imbeciles, uninformed brainlets who are easily manipulated by the liberal press and become useful idiots. Democrats love low information voters, illegals, minorities, felons etc.


What the fuck are you talking about? That’s not even close to true. It’s the dems who support gender transition of children, you wanna talk about keeping kids safe and innocent look at their weird ass opinions on that bullshit

You must be a fact checker for fox news.

This guy is fucking retarded

>One party attempts
See dem controlled liberal shitholes.


> t. Donald "i love the poorly educated" Trump

Nah fucker you don’t get off that easy

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Is that why every democrat led city is a shithole with literal shit, heroin needles, and homeless people lining the streets

>Democrats love low information voters, illegals
Hillary loved 3 million illegals votes, still lost though, lel

>3 million fraudulent illegals votes
A drop in the ocean, 60 million crooked Hillary votes were from homegrown American imbeciles.

Braindead is a better descriptor given the necromancy vote.

I don’t vote either because both parties are flaming piles of dog shit

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Admit it OP you enjoy sucking dick.

bait/10 wouldn't react again

hows the weather in St. Pete's?? Winter set in yet on 55 Savushkina street?