My Sup Forumsalls hurt, Sup Forums. I'm too lazy to go to a doctor yet so I'm gonna ask here...

My Sup Forumsalls hurt, Sup Forums. I'm too lazy to go to a doctor yet so I'm gonna ask here. I've been jacking off daily for quite a while until I started feeling pain during the nut. One ball would swell and harden while the other one would remain relatively soft. Also there's dull ache in the one that swelled up during the day. I haven't touched my dick for a couple of days, and it seems to get somewhat better but the dull ache is still there. Can any medfags say what it is?
>Inb4 cancerous herpes
It feels worse if I bend my dick upwards during hard-on.

Also a ylyl thread

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This should've been the thumbnail

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go see a doctor you fuckin retard. get a physical it could literally save your life.

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The fuck's a physical

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I mean ball pain should be a common symptom so if there should be a way to narrow down a range of possible causes by self-checking

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Alright gonna get a snack hope the thread doesn't die

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Finally some good fricking food, bro

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Anal sex hurts. Don't donit

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Well hello there

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Don't usually stick it in the scrotum though

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Are these medium? I like my meat medium.

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Those are pretty fucking raw for my taste

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Femanon here (actually cute)
May I examine your testicles? I have like a sixth sense for squirrel AIDS. My dad is a RN

OP, post a picture. Maybe we can help you then

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Show tits first mate

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The look normal. The problematic one hangs a bit higher but that's it

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Listen I don't know but if I ever do chop my ball off I won't stream it

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Does anything

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Make sense really

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Post pictures phaguotttsssssss

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Aight that's enough for a while

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