My wife just adopted a black kid.without asking me first. What do Sup Forums?

My wife just adopted a black kid.without asking me first. What do Sup Forums?

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Put it in the trash, they are indigenous to the region.

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What country you live in user? Thinking of private or public school? What age is he? Id try to find a good barber ASAP

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That's not how it works buddy try baiting harder faggot .
Both parents need to give the ok then they get evaluated by social workers and never ever would they give out a child without knowing that both partners are on board .

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Because my wife adopted it, not me? Can you even properly read text? Of course i guess it was a lengthy process but i was too busy working and one day dinner time i parked my car in the garage and went inside for dinner and i was in awe when wife was sitting at dinner table breastfeeding laquisha. Ok? I was positively surprised but ended up locking myself in bathroom for half an hour

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Get that kid a sex change ASAP to show how you share her progressive ideals.

Leave her.

divorce, it's the only option

That's not how this works

What country do you live in? She could be doing this to divorce you for child support. You should speak to a lawyer. You must live in some cucked country for a wife to be allowed to a adopt a baby without the husband having a say.

Wife got you a live-in sex slave? Was it your birthday or something?

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Better now then later

i cant believe that anyone would actually believe that adoption places will just give a baby to a mom without years of scrutiny and paperwork. Of course the dad also needs to be interviewed to see if they really should be able to adopt

Act like an Authentic Black Dad and leave her.

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No she didn't
An no, you don't have a wife

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>My wife just adopted a black kid.without asking me first. What do Sup Forums?

You lying cunt, an incel like OP claiming to have a wife?

I would talk to a lawyer and see what your chances are for being sued for child support in the event a divorce. Save all of your documents and hers. Try to find out if you can prove that it was a unilateral decision.

Tuck all of your money away with close friends. Seem to develop a drug/gambling problem to hide your cash. If you own anything expensive, sell it to trusted friends who will sell it back for a dollar.

When all of your assets are protected. Divorce the unbelievably selfish cunt. Let her die alone with her black offspring surrounded by a million cats and the smell of stale unused pussy.

Good luck Sup Forumsro.

>her black offspring
It's not even her offspring. It's been adopted, like some kind of pet monkey.

Do what any nigger father would do?

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gtfo and dont look back lol