Warm Bread for Hungry Celebs. Zopf Edition

Warm Bread for Hungry Celebs. Zopf Edition.

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Wish I had more of the day to be here

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tong bop u

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Leaking so much for JJ. Truely the best

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Is thay a dove I see?

gtfo the car bitch!

>>Best Gomez

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Awesome. If you ever feel that shitty again just talk to me. It doesn't even have to be about that stuff but talking about anything will help ya I bet. I'm from the Midwest USA it's my duty by blood to be there for everyone.

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You seen the Goulding leaks yet?

Isn't her and Kiki both in the closet and secretly dating or something? I keep hearing rumors.

Uh lewd qt
Tongue bops are the best
You naughty boi

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Gotchu boo

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Holy fuck yes~


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I will wake leak for JJ. I'm addicted

fuck you

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You were close.....

Oh fuck it is. My one weakness

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omg, hope I don't catch her doing that.
>hood blending

Tong bops are a specialty of mine.

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Close? How so?

I would kill to be able to be her sub. Holy fuck. I'm already leaking


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It‘s not fair you post lewd dua O.O

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Prime kiki

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God I love jj~

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Aight take a lap.

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You mean bully!
You want me to get horny and take advantage of me
Good user, jj is for loving

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She's been in a long term relationship, but not with Moner.

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Even worse >:> I just tease u

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I'm almost completely devoted to her now~ I give her almost every single load I blow

You know what's more important user? How many others have you gotten loads out of for JJ?

She's got an amazing mouth. Mouths, lips and tongues are my biggest turn on

I have no fap friends unfortunetly

That is even worse you little devil!
I have a great ting weakness

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Oh user... Think how proud JJ would be if you found some...

Mmh fuck that tongue

I wanna cum to JJ plz

Pretty based fetish who doesn't love a soft warm wet mouthpussi

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Ive thought about it for sure



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Such a good boi, jj needs all the loads and she deserves them

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Wonder who the goon writing that is

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Think of her smooth, delicious ass cheeks.

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Exactly. Cock is out now.

She does~ I need to devote myself to her more~

Oh fuck yes that ass~

Everyone love a nice pair of dsl

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Is Tay becoming a football player?

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Exactly right. Her big lips wrapped around your cock as your pump into her mouth... Her tongue teasing out spurt after spurt of precum and she, of course, lapping it all up. Would be rather pleasant tbh.

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Will you just start being mean to me so I can nut

Oh fuck. Leaking so much for jj

Holy fuck. Its almost like you're trying to make me cum

Oh god yes~ Dove is so perfect

Why would she become a football player?

I need to see the VJ blowjob video. Who has it?

Omg, you such a big tease!

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Babs does

Who’s that?

Soo...he was behind that...?

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You can squirt into her tiny mouth if you want to user

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Me? Never. I'm just describing how good it would feel to have that tongue massage your shaft. Making sure to play with that special spot just underneath your head. Getting reading to give you an orgasm that'll roll your eyes back into your head.

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Good size for my micropeen

Not him, but could I possibly do that also.

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No user. You get my mouth.

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trips witnessed

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I'm not convinced. I'm already leaking precum. That wouldn't of happened so quickly if you weren't saying these things.

Hope things go well for you. Just dripping in.

Trips of love

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Oh my, I haven’t fapped on b in forever, you make me think twice, such a lewd carly user.
It would feel crazy good indeed
She likes all the cocks user
Stroke away my friend

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Oh Jordyn

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Low tide.


Me?! Lewd?! Take it back. I am simply taking point on a in depth analysis of Dua Lipa's mouthpussi. Looking into your eyes as her mascara begins to run... Trying to swallow every drop for you.

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God I am. Feels so good

It always makes me happy to see micropeen acceptance on here but lets be honest, I ought to kill myself.


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