Well Sup Forums, it's that time again. tell us what you did. you know you want to

well Sup Forums, it's that time again. tell us what you did. you know you want to

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I really did ask Zelinsky to investigate the Biden’s. But i didn’t think it was a big deal, at the time.

there was that one time when I forgot to tell OP he was a faggot

I would doubt anybody did, but nonetheless......

Gf's mom is an alcoholic and passes out in the living room with her mouth open. I like to shoot a load in there every time I get a chance and watch her swallow my load.

16 year old pussy is the best the kaw allows.

elaborate, had experiences here?

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Oh definitely. My whole life the last few years has been centered around getting teen pussy. It’s fun how easy it is if you are slightly attractive older and in a position of power.

Obviously. How else would I know?

point taken

She was, by far, the best I ever had.

For like 6 years me and my sister did things that led to us having a sexual relationship. It's over now but I still think about it a lot

I’m addicted to giving head. I can’t stop myself from trying to get strangers dicks in my mouth.


M or f?

Ya totally I want to here your larp

do you think it was your first true love?

You sound like my ex.

Female. Kind of chubby

and this pls

Marry me.

Care to elaborate with a lewd anecdote?

I played with my cousin alot thinking it was ok because she would play with me back. Now she hates me because she thinks I took advantage of her. In a way I'm starting to think maybe I did and I deserve her hating me and in another way I think no because why would she touch me if she didn't like it.

Why would you want to marry someone who is addicted to sucking strangers' dicks?

Does she hate you know?

Because that is the best case scenario?

I like to browse the chan. I am a anxious, depressed girl.

you filthy liar tits or gtfo

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Same here but I'm a guy

I love you. Keep going.
Also, tits or gtfo

Lol thanks for the offer
Guys usually don’t want to date me long term

>Be me at an undisclosed grade school age.
>Close relationship with younger sister almost kinda weird
>Sis always feeling bad for herself because she's a fatty. (But tbh she was aight)
>I'm always there to console her and assure her that she wasn't unattractive. Kinda hot honestly (in a slam pig kinda way)
>Things get weirder as we get older as we're feeling weirder about being so close to each other. I couldn't help but get handsy.
>She doesn't exactly stop me and it often goes too far.
>One day I get her panties off and ask her if I could try something as I'm always intrigued by how she smells.
>She closes her eyes and I go in for the taste
>She gasps and I give her what I didn't know was her first orgasm in like 60 seconds.

No, literally
All I need to be happy is a thicc slut.

I manage a fast food restaurant. I work with a good amount of teens usually 14-19. Because I’m attractive, 34 and in a position of “Power” over them quite often they flirt with me. I also care or at least pretend to care about their lives. I’ve been able to sleep with quite a few with them over the years

You the depressed cat girl?

I believed all of it til the orgasm, fuck off you incestuous faggot

how old were you two? and what would you do?

What? she had never been touched before. all of it took her by surprise.

Well I’d probably keep sucking others dicks


>When I was younger my parents would never let me have any candy. My babysitter would sneak me chocolate syrup. One day she told me if I wanted some I had to lick it off of her stomach it took her 3 weeks to start putting it on her boobs.

Lol creative larp

Yeah, we all know girls don't have those.
Well at least in your experience right?

Omg please do.
Would you also fuck them?

I want to hate fuck my older sister, or watch someone do it.

However I do feel kinda bad saying this and having this kinds of thoughts about her tho because she's a really sweet and supportive person but what can you do

Sometimes. I mostly just enjoy giving quick blowjobs and then going home and playing with my toys

What was the best, most memorable experience? How did it start and what was it like?

I don't know, have you tried a therapist.

>Sometimes. I mostly just enjoy giving quick blowjobs and then going home and playing with my toys

What was the first bj you gave?

I garuntee they do, they just aren't telling you because its good

I've posted this before, but today was a little different.

Almost every morning, my GFs daughter comes into our room to get something from our bathroom or bedroom. This normally happens while her mother is downstairs sipping on her morning coffee.

I've purposely been making sure I'm fully erect when she walks in, so she can see the tent in my cotton shorts. I'm pretending to be asleep still but it makes me even harder knowing that she has to pass by twice or she spends extra time looking for whatever she needs.

This morning she had to iron her clothes, and the ironing board is on my side of the bed. So I laid still for a bit while she started getting the iron ready. Plenty of time for her to see me.
I then "woke up" and started talking to her, slowly covering myself up to purposely keep my tent in her view for as long as possible.

I know you, b.

That sounds incredible. Perfect life. Wife who doesn't work, just spends her days looking after me when she isnt too busy giving blow jobs or getting fucked.

In public can’t.

I'm a little older then her and we did a lot together never full on sex because I didn't want to hurt her but we had a lot of fun in the years before she told me she wanted to stop. Nothing happened after that unless back rubs are really that bad.

You know you have at least tits saved. Come on.


You need to start taking your fish oil pills.

I'm making a "loli niece simulator* game with lewd elements.
I may have tested some ideas here by larping them.

If it ever gets finished, I'll tell you all.

There’s not just one that stands out. I’ve had so many memorable and crazy experiences. It naturally evolved from when I was just a shift leader sleeping with employees who were my age or a few years younger to getting older moving up but still sleeping with the younger girls.

I guess one memorable experience was when I was probably around 28, one of the 14 year old employees boyfriends broke up with her and she was devastated and suicidal. I brought her over my apartment we were talking she was crying to I held her while she cried. Her cried became just soft sobs, but then her hand crept down to my dick. So I took her hand and guided it under my pants and we started making out while she played with my dick. Then I took my pants off and I looked at her and at my dick as if I wanted her to suck it. So she did, with her face still puffy from crying. It was the hottest head I’ve ever gotten just because of her face.

When and how did your obsession start?

Whatup fastfoodbro? Still slaying the teen pussy I see.

I got her off by rubbing and eating her vagina/boobs. She would rub my dick and put my hand down her pants which made me think it was ok to play with her. She would also push my head to her vagina.

Neighborhood boy when I was 12 he was 14

Ok, well, thanks, bro. Look forward to the game. I hope it's in 3D

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Oh, shit. Did I really just post that? Ooh, fuck.

You enjoyed it, I assume?

Nice... more stories please.

Those digits! I don't have many “sexy” selfies saved. Not much of a social life lol I do have plenty of me and my cat :) and one feet picture I took for another thread today.

Hi I hope your not as depressed as I am.

>at wedding last year solo. wife had to work
>have friend who is obnoxious drunk and always passes out
>he gets drunk makes a scene and I have to drag him to his room and put him to bed because his wife can't carry him
>come back to reception and wife says, "why does he do this?"
>I was so pissed a him because he is always so fucking rude before he passes out I lean and say to her, "I don't know why he does that. If i were him I would take you back to the room and fuck you raw."
>I NEVER say shit like this. usually respectful of my wife and his
>she just looks at me so I drop a line my friend is always saying to my wife, "what color panties are you wearing?"
>she says"we should go check on him user." even though we just came from there
>walk in room he is snoring away on the bed in his suit.
>she pulls me into hotel room bathroom and lifts up her dress. "does this answer your question."
>i put my hand on her pussy and it is on
>we end up in 69 on the bathroom floor. she grinds her self to orgasm on my face and shoot my load down her throat.
>go back to reception. we were gone less than 15 minutes.
>literally never speak of it again.

Tell the story of how it happened. What was it like? Did he rape you or were you in love? Did you decide then you were addicted?

I'm not really into feet, thought.
The last guy you blew, how did it happen?

sorry user, gonna be 2D.

Except if I can find someone willing to provide the 3D part of stuff.


Going on 10 years strong with my problems hbu?

You're aware anxious depressed girls are like chum in shark infested water right?

I'm not gonna try to fix you but after we're done you'll be fixed

Bf of the time. We were getting intimate. He told me to close my eye and open my mouth. I knew what that meant lol

When did you last cheat on him (or anyone else)?

I’ve got experience dealing with sharks.. :)

About the same but got alot worse 2 years ago then even worse 3 months ago. My mom is the only one holding me together.

Closest I’ve gotten to cheating is posting myself here and sexting. Never physically cheated. Although said last bf did cheat on me.

You ever let one try to take a bite out of you?

It’s not really an exciting story. I went over his house after school. We started making out. He asked if I knew how to give a blow job. I had no idea so he guided me. When he came I thought it was gross but also cool I could make it happen.

I can’t pin point a time I became addicted. It happened slowly and all the sudden.

I’m sure a therapist would say I do it because I feel like it’s the only attention I get from boys

Hold on to her. I lost my mother to cancer. Never thought I’d miss her nagging. Its been 7 years since then. I still spray her perfume around my home. Miss her terribly. I have a cat that keeps me going now, among other things.

ur gross ya pedo

Once. Its taking too long to heal.

I'm doing my best. Shes the only family that hasn't made me feel like I'm a mistake.

After I got married I slowly started learning all the fucked up sex stuff my wife did before I met her. It weirdly turns me on and makes me sick at the same time

Why don’t they?

There was a 16 year old girl who was obsessed with my dick, and wouldn’t stop sucking it. I hung out with her more then I probably should have because of it. The first time we hooked up I had to beg her to stop just so we could fuck, and right after she went right back to sucking it. I’d just lay back for hours while she just laid there with my dick in her mouth.

Idk maybe because I’m chubby

I've been fapping outside next to my side door at about 3am because that is when the paper girl drives around delivering the papers. She would drive up to their door which is only about 20ft adjacent and seperated by a small fence. I know that she noticed, but she never said anything for months, but she asked the neighbours who are like in their 80's to move their mail box from their doorstop to the corner of their property.

MFW my degeneracy has made my crippled, old neighbors have to shuffle through the snow each morning to get their mail and I got away with it.

Kind of upset I can't fap for her anymore.

> spoken like someone who's never had 14yo pussy

Sorry to hear that. I bite but I could also lick deep into those wounds

> not having your cock hanging out
You're doing it wrong

Have you considered not being chubby?


Keep going

I'm dating a loli, 15 years old, and I have to hide it from absolutely everybody. I'm 20 now so the age difference is much more noticeable than when I was 18 so going out is riskier for me but she senses that and gets extra grabby in public to watch me sweat