Fuck libs, I swear to god, if I had a change to get away with it Id kill 10 per day

Fuck libs, I swear to god, if I had a change to get away with it Id kill 10 per day

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they are the real racists

You do realize Dixiecrats are now in the Republican party right? Well surprise you that before 1950's Republican supported unified public Healthcare? You a socialist now?

(Citation needed)

pretty pointless to argue with these people. books are like kryptonite to them.

Democrats are racist.

This, the parties switched names around that time. The Democrat party mentioned in OP's picture is literally the same Republican party of today. OP is either deliberately lying just to shitpost, or is so dumb that he didn't realize he btfo himself.

(Citation needed)

Republicans are racist.

its common knowledge...unless you are an ignorant retard

Americans are racist

Russians are racist

Southern strategy is a liberal lie made up to make their party look like the party that freed slaves.

No proof has ever been found to prove its existence.

Those guys who wave Confederate flags or join the KKK/Neo Nazi's, who do they overwhelmingly vote for?


if you think that left leaning ideology was the same concept at all in the 1800s as it is now then its no wonder Republicans keep voting for laws from the stone age.

Holy fuck you can't make up right wing stupidity, its the gift that keeps on giving.

>their party

stop subscribing to this stupid "party" system. the Democrats of the past were super racist. Now the super racists are the Republicans. There are still issues with Democrats of now. They both suck, choose better

>No proof has ever been found to prove its existence.

you are either lying or ignorant...which is it?

Democrats. The racists.
Google terrorist arm of the democrats, and youll find the kkk

It's worrying that there are people simultaneously as dumb and violent as you walking around freely in this country.

Reality doesn't actually matter to people like OP. You're wasting your time.

I'm racist

Both parties are but what’s worse is that Democrats deny it, even though they maintain a plantation owner attitude towards black people and Hispanics.

> le we switched sides arbitrarily for no reason argument

*sigh* typical libs, its never their fault or their actions, ALWAYS someone else.

You're an imbecile

The Democrats were once the conservatives and the Republicans were the liberals. It's not even up for debate. Read a fucking book.

I live in Arizona, Phoenix area. Come at me fucktard inbred intel.

The Democrats have always been the progressive branch. For a long time being openly racist as fuck was progressive. Then being discretely racist as fuck became progressive. Thats where we are today. FDR was a fascist (including internment camps). Eugenics was a democrat thing. The KKK was democrats. Democrats opposed school integration. Around the time of MLK the Democrats switched to subtle racism and branded the GoP as the mega-racists. Even into the 90s the Democrats were vaguely openly racist (Super-predators was a term they used referring to black people). The Democrats operate on identity politics, which includes racism. Its the party of people who dont like critical thinking. The GoP is always 10 years behind the Dems cus while they think critically to a minimum degree they cow to the banshee screams of the liberals.

Both parties are trash.

Ahh, the old "the entire population got together and decided to switch the names of their party's for the lulz" bullshit.

Only someone with an IQ under 75 would fall for that crap.

Seriously think about what you just said.
>the party's switched their names

All the democrats wanted to keep their beliefs and values, but be called republicans now.
At the same time....
All the republicans wanted to keep their beliefs and values, but be called democrats.

with civil rights and racial discrimination becoming illegal the racist wings of the former democrat party fled to the "states rights" party of Republicans. They then subverted that claim of states rights to institutionalize racism.

I know yall really love to tout tour history and heritage but I'm always flummoxed by your inability to learn even your own history.

I can get 9 of my liberal friends together, and you can kill us all, and get away with it, just got to use your bare hands. Fucking bitch ass cuck

Just to be clear, you are arguing that ending a centuries-old institution and favoring federal authority over states rights are conservative positions?

They're called the Southern Democrats for a reason

For real

What tinfoil

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1916 Democrats: "Whites are more successful than Blacks. Therefore, it's better to have Whites decide which [White Man] candidate gets into office."
2016 Democrats: "Whites are more successful than Blacks. Therefore, it's better to have nonWhites decide which not[White Man] candidate gets into office."
2020 Democrats: "Okay, here's some senile old [White Man] candidates that can be manipulated to do our bidding."