Welp maga fags it's over

welp maga fags it's over.

who will be the next savior of the republican party? pence?

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You underestimate the amount of denial that can be generated by Trump supporters.

They literally don't care what he's done at all and will vote for him and support him regardless.

I still do not understand this. It's basically a Kingfisher situation

not if he is removed from office.


>who will be the next savior
I present to you, President Christian Genius Billionaire

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Seems like he's pretty fucked based on the testimony today. His administration is straight up testifying against him.

>His administration is straight up testifying against him.
only the people brave enough to ignore his orders to not testify. there are plenty more important people that he will not allow to talk. and he is blocking all requests for documents which is ridiculous and unconstitutional, so that in itself will be an impeachment charge.

Nunes is seething so hard right now. His coping skills are starting to fail him.

trump voters will not vote for the black man. not ever. they are screwed

he asked for a break right after sondland finished talking to the dems so that he could call the white house for instructions on how to spin it.

>They literally don't care what he's done at all and will vote for him and support him regardless.

Trump didn't win the election because of his base. He was because people adjusted to society voted for him too. It's questionable whether they'll do that again.

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>not if he is removed from office.

How will he be removed from office? The Republicans control the Senate.

For those thinking the Senate Republicans will abandon Trump, what POSSIBLE REASON given the entirety of the last 20 years do you have to believe that's true? Republican Senators are not going to side with Democrats against Trump. Ever. They have spent way too much time and money and breath praising Trump's patriotism and asserting Democrat treason. Yes the Democratic base may have made it politically impossible not to pursue impeachment at this point; yes the Democrats may be doing their job; maybe it's the deontologically right thing--may justice be done though the heavens fall. But that doesn't mean it's a winning strategy.

When, at the end, the Senate clears Trump, Trump will say he's been exonerated, and that's all he needs for his base to support him (they'd support him anyway), as well any other voters who suspect this is all just baseless political wrangling by the Democrats and see it fall through. It's not just political wrangling, but that doesn't matter to them. All they'll see is an exonerated Trump the Dems spent 4 years trying to undermine with failed impeachments and FBI investigations. He looks invincible, his base is excited, Dem voters are discouraged, and good loses.

When the choice is between Trump and Jinping its pretty obvious who the sane person is going to pick

Who the hell is Jinping?

China's Winnie the Poo in Chief.

Here's one theory right from the drudge report:

Ken Starr: GOP Senators Might Consider Having to ‘Make a Trip’ to the White House After Sondland’s Testimony

Moments before Wednesday’s impeachment hearings and right after U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland’s opening statement was released, Fox News contributor Ken Starr wondered aloud whether Sondland flipping on President Trump would cause GOP senators to push Trump to resign. “The real issue is the senators are watching,” Starr said. “Are senators going to now say in light of what we hear today, it’s going to be a long day even with the ambassador alone, in light of what we have heard, ‘We need to make a trip down to the White House’? That historic example set during the Nixon presidency. From what I’ve been able to glean I don’t think that’s going to happen. But obviously what happens today could—has the potential to be a game-changer.”

In his opening statement, Sondland claimed that Trump was seeking a quid pro quo with Ukraine in exchange for investigations into the president’s political rivals, adding that Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani was “expressing the desires” of Trump.

During a break in the hearings a few hours later, Starr was just as emphatic in his belief that this could spell bad news for Trump. Noting that “articles of impeachment are being drawn up if they haven’t already been drawn up” over Sondland’s testimony, Starr concluded by saying “this obviously has been one of those bombshell days.”

>I don't like this guy so its over.

>only the people brave enough

Theres nothing brave about selling your leader and your country out to China

He came back from the break and said it was the Dems who wanted the break so they could go have a press conference and talk about all the bombshells. Was he lying? I thought Schiff offered him the mic but instead he wanted a break.

> nothing brave about being truthful

I've not watched all of this because I work but I havent seen anything of note.

i thought he looked at Nunes and Nunes wanted a break.

Xi Jinping, the president of the 4th Reich(China)

An actual dystopian Stalin-Hitler hybrid who benefits from everything the left does.

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he looks like he's about to catch fire

they'll recall all the witnesses with contrasting testimony and they'll all roll over on their backs if they're smart

he was lying

>But I haven't seen anything of note
Take off your maga-colored glasses.

Not sure what you're referring to.


Yeah. If that's the case, it's just further proof that he's a lying sack of shit.

You should probably watch what sondland said today because it's a big deal. Especially if you're considering supporting trump in the future.

>its over

You have been saying this for almost 4 years now

What exactly was said that was a bombshell?

It's because you've been wearing them for too long. I'm afraid the damage has been done.

Cotton's dumb ass has been rather quiet lately, he's probably staying away from this shitshow to make a run in 2024

'Pence Knew' right on your screenshot. He'll be ousted.

President Pelosi until a Dem wins in 2020, and Dems take over the Senate

The GOP will implode. It's over for them and the Christian filth in the US.

And why would the choice be between Trump and him?

They just accepted the yuans to tell a half-truth that benefits China.

Even if whats being said was actually 100% true, they're still traitors for giving in to China's will

You hate reality that bad huh?

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Because the democrats are on his side and are doing stuff that benefits himn

>Christian filth

Much as I'd like to believe that, that's a big nope. Although I hope the Trump cult implodes.

Nunes mooooooooooooooooooooooooo

>No u
Hey, you gave it your best. GG

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Nice deflection, short bus. Cant wait to see your tears in November.

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Trump is probably having another stroke right now

Well it's still going on . And he is literally saying he doesn't recall and it was what he perceived, never connected the two of burisma and biden, and is explaining how he tried to set up a meeting wit trump for the president of ukraine because he wanted to give him some leverage prior to the Ukraine elections. So this was either guiliani speaking for trump or the ambassador screwed himself

his smile and optimism: gone

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Why dont you sacrifice your satanist ass for the climate or something

Seems to me neither the right nor left can meme when the forget the lulz.



schiff looks like the BTK

How are they on his side?

Daily reminder, Trumpcuck

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Okay, how are the democrats on his side?

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Not even a little bit

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Even Kenny thinks Trump is fucked

They're pushing policies that make western businesses non-competitive.

They've been forcing companies to China for decades

>When you gotta work but you keep thinking of Trump's butthole

[Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays]

I can either tell you so you can refute what I say with obfuscation and bullshit or you can watch yourself. Explicit quid pro quo.

I thought you didn't know what he meant?

>welp maga fags it's over.

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interesting and obviously wrong take lol

Drumpf probably on his way to Walter Reed for another "physical" as we speak


He is getting impeached.



Dudes mad because the aide (which he admits trump was holding back but also other countries while he reviews funds) might have been held up.

>They said thing before and thing never happen so thing will not happen now

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Actually, the majority of companies relocating or outsourcing their manufacturing wings overseas came under Republican administrations.

Good game. Sorry you suck.


>They're pushing policies that make western businesses non-competitive.

Like banning child labor and demanding workplace saftey?

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This scenario is what has been worrying me all along, but I still think pursuing impeachment is the right thing to do, and not just in the deontological sense.
Trump is such a threat to our norms and institutions that it is in our long term interest to push back forcefully now.

It will take an enormous effort to wake the zombies who feed on Fox News, though. I swear, there is no way Nixon would have resigned if Fox State Media had existed at the time.

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Soo...he was behind that...?

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Fuckin this

>Like banning child labor and demanding workplace saftey?
Fuckin CUCKS!

it is finally over

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god shut the fuck up every fucking day with this retarded shit literally nobody cares about. his first term is almost over if you hate him so much fucking vote for someone else on election day you whiny crybaby turd.

NONE of this retarded Ukraine phone call shit matters AT ALL.


You mean Republicans, as usual, gave companies their head and those company shipped off jobs to China and other countries to save money like good capitalists, right?

Democrats didn't send jobs away this quickly.

if trump created a "luxury" line of maga hats that cost like $1mn this dumbass probably would buy them

literally his brother

These companies were forced there by ridiculous taxes and regulations by ecofascists.

It's been China's bread and butter for decades.

ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? yeah. generations old story, basically the same thing you said but in a less lib-tard way.


It matters a lot actually.

Without a doubt. I'm surprised he hasn't made Maga Yeezys yet.

Its the socialism, ridiculous eco taxes and regulations that scared them away

Lolno. Always happens faster under republicans because it's corporations doing it and nobody lets corporations do whatever the fuck they want like republicans.

>These companies were forced there by ridiculous taxes and regulations by ecofascists.

Those companies were forced their by your cheap ass not willing to pay for American labor.

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Some day they'll realize that capitalists are to blame and republicans just believe in the market a little more than liberal centrists. But by then they will be so deeply steeped into wage slavery it will take a gargantuan effort to correct

So Republican socialism, eco taxes a d regulations.

>Its the socialism, ridiculous eco taxes and regulations that scared them away

So they went to communist China. Nice rebuttal, you mongoloid.

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tell me how a fucking PHONE CALL matters at all to the average person like me? like literally nobody cares about this gay political shit i am so fucking sick of it. it fills the fucking news every day all this story is is a fucking distraction all of this is a distraction and you all fall for it every fucking day. the president is and always has been a fucking puppet.

Boomer mad

This nigger still thinks he’s getting removed.
He may be guilty on all counts, but he ain’t getting removed.

Some republicans have been compromised

Well if someone like Trump had put tariffs over chinese imports sooner, this problem wouldnt exist