How does one stand like this?

How does one stand like this?

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everything he does annoys me

Deal with it niggerfaggots. Sage goes in all fields

Lifts in his shoes, because he's not as tall as he says he is.

His hands are small, too.

Is that the new Penguin?

Too much time spent sitting with his elbows on a table. It causes your pelvis to tip forward and screws your posture up.

It looks like cuban heels

Heavy Dick weighing him down?

Body armor...

Bone spurs.

15 inch strap on that Melania left in his ass.

Because the media cherry picked a picture to make him look bad.
Also, microphone placement.

Thats not it for sure

not the first time he has bent over for something big and black

photoshop helps you stand like that

accumulate 90 pound ball of fat on your gut and it changes your center of gravity. makes you lean over like that


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Also requesting that nude painting of trump holding a cigar with a giant dick, both google and duckduckgo image search have failed me


leaning tower of pisa in background

he's just feeling tight he needs a massage

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>About 90% of sciatica is due to a spinal disc herniation pressing on one of the lumbar or sacral nerve roots.

If anyone was apolitical enough to want the actual answer, lol. The surgery carries a 1/3rd risk of paraplegic paralysis. That is to say wheelchair time and you can't feel your dick. Lots of guys avoid it because of the dick thing. My grandmother wouldn't do it either, she feared becoming bedridden like her own mother who had essentially been reduced to child-intellect by a really bad stroke. My grandmother was born in 1918 so said stroke was when people mostly owned horses and were still suspicious of cars.

Anyway, he's fine, he's fat and his back am hurt. He's your dad basically. Older, really.

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>How does one stand like this?
you're 12. Off this board.

No U.

With how many pictures there are of. him there are plenty unflattering pics. They're saved and because of how many people disapprove of him.
He may lean forward because of the microphone locations (not knowing how different mics pic up different sound).
I feel he leans forward as a power stance. He knows people think if he stands as confident as possible his nonsense will be believed.

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I have one of those and I lean back to keep center mass above my feet.