Redpill me on Greta Thunberg

Redpill me on Greta Thunberg.

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Go fuck yourself

>"No. I'm only twelve. But I've been that for a long time.”

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Greta, the time traveling retard, spreading derp throughout the centuries

Greta Thurnberg IS A CLONE....!!!!!!!

CIA confirmed.

Although the world is infinite, human DNA sequences are limited to about 2 billion different variations. I'm not 100% on that number but it's a ridiculously low number considering how infinite everything is. That's why people look like each other either at the same time or different moments in history.

Also fuck this captcha never working right

Alert /x/!

Great post user, made me laugh.

Bullshit there's gotta be more than 2billion..

So she is a time traveler trying to tell us we are all fucking up the future.
But she is changing the past so it is really her own fault the future is fucked up.

Yes but we don't talk about the 6 million on this board.

It might be only 1 billion now that I think about it. I agree it's a small number in the grand scale that is the universe, but 1 billion of anything is a HUGE amount when you think about it


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either that or the Swedes are hella inbred

in 1898 they told autistic children to shut the fuck up and dig for gold

Down syndrome has been around for a while. Dunno what it was called before maybe potato disorder or something

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I seriously wish everyone would stop posting that potato faced cunt.
I'm so fucking sick to death of seeing her face.

>time traveling retard
i'd watch that movie

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2 billion is huge.
If you started counting right now, could say every number as fast as you can say the numbers 1-100, did not break to breathe, eat or sleep- it would take over 300 years to count to 2 billion.

1 or 2 billion sounds about right. Just look at asians or indians, they all look the same.

greta looks like a retard from southpark

people did not know the repercussions of drinking alcohol during pregnancy 100 years ago

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