No bully pls

No bully pls...

I bought something similar to pic related. It hasn't been delivered yet. Just wondering how to use it and jerk off at the same time? I'm gonna be doing like a floss dance motion if I fuck my ass and jerk off at the same time right? Or do I just stick it in and leave it alone? I maybe should have thought this through first. I don't want to squat over it like a chick.


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Lube. Stick it in slowly. Just try what works for you. Fuck yourself with it slowly while jerking off

You can't fuck your ass in a non gay way, faggot.

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You ease it in and jerk off like regular is my advice. It’s a plug that is better stationary. Alternatively you could try reaching an anal orgasm instead and just ignore your penis.

Nin-factor. masturbation can't be gay. It's myself doing stuff with myself

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put it in very slowly, use plenty of lube

Explain how gay please.

OP's dildos are made of balls that are touching.


Just pound on it with your ass cutie

I'll try this first I guess. I kinda imagine wantinf to thrust it. Maybe a smoother device would be better for that.


you've been around for too long

OP is gigagay

Aw man you are right op is a total fruit!

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Moving it is gonna be more fun. Especially once you start to climax.

Some old girlfriends would kinda "slap" the base once it's fully inserted.

>Put in ass
>Sit down on chair
>Move up and down + grid your ass on your chair while jerking off

Accidentally did something similiar to myself, but hard, when I had my large one in. Swear I shit blood and was about to kill myself right then and there because I might have to explain to my parents that I went to the hospital because I ruptured my fucking intestines with a "foreign object".

No bully but...
Why do you retards ORDER sex toys.
Go a sex shop???? Buy one there????
Not only do you not have to wait, people there are usually really fucking helpful.
Also, that's an ass plug. Keep it in.
My GF would push it around while it's all the way in. If you are first time using a large once, do not forget the lube, and don't fucking be rigorous. Unless you want blood leaking out of your asshole, and a trip to a doctor to explain you've been shoving things up your ass.
Which, if you ordered a sex toy online, i don't think you would survive that interaction

> I don't want to squat over it like a chick.

missing the entire point of having a plug / dildo is that you can ride it like the bitch you are


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looked like princess jasmin from (j)afar

This is exactly how it happened. Went over a curb on my bike while having a cheeky buttplug bike ride.