Semi-chubby thread

semi-chubby thread

not fat, but chubby girls with beautiful faces

feel free to post your gf etc

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I'm sorry user but this is fat.
Just because you like her face doesn't make her any less fatty

Dont listen to this faggot OP. That is a goddess.

whatever, fat girls with beautiful faces. just not obese

I mean if you find her attractive then who am I to judge? To each his own. As long as you guys are aware that she's fat

i would let her suck my pp dry

She looks absolutely perfect to me

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I am aware that you are a faggot who will eventually let someone cuck his husband.

anybody have her new IG?

this is ugly-fat.

That's just disgusting fat


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Would still bang

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she got the body of a linebacker

she looks nice! have any more body pictures?

Does my wife qualify?

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yes! how old is she?

very nice! Would love for her to sit on my face and just grind away

That's a good start before she grinds on your dick

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My wife is 32 and has been fucking my friends for a few years

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Me too...i want her to sit on my face with her big meaty pussy

absolute filth


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We then should be friends....friend. lol...good stuff dude. I would love to fuck her...

plain fat op
get your optix checked

face 5/10

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I love to watch but sometimes she'll go to their house to fuck them while I stay home and jerk off

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Damn! That's kinky as hell....Too bad you guys are not in So cal!

you are such a fucking cuck it's unbelievable

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Yes I am! I cum so hard watching my friends fuck my wife and cum in her

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kek my buddy fucked your girl

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name? ig?

OP is in for a treat when he discovers that girls pull their pants up OVER their disgusting sack-of-fat stomachs.

Enjoy the stretch marks and rashes, OP.

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Post more of this rapepig.

And for trips, tell me what you want to see and I'll post it!

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don't trust that face. That fat bitch has so much makeup on she's essentially painted a better looking person's face over her own busted one.

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Actually she's above average but below fat and super below obese. Just cause you like to fuck anorexic bitches that look like 14 year old boys with dinosaur backs doesnt make her fat. You fucking faggot. Neck yourself.

New phone who dis

Any more of this beast of a woman

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>semi-chubby thread
>not fat, but chubby girls with beautiful faces

Nigger that is a landwhale with a wig and a face that actually reminds me of a pig. I'd fuck the pig rather than that.

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Any more

You dun goofed user

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standing ff?

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i get crazy hard eveytime i see this chick. standing ff?

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this is the ideal woman

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Thicc slut needs a pounding

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WOW!!! I think i'm in love! More of this Goddess?? Please and thank you!?

Even a leper nigger midget looks decent with white makeup

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I too wish to know this

i need everything

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I'd fuck her rawdog. Would love to blow a fat load inside of her. She looks like a good cum dump.

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