How about a good ol" dick rate thread?

How about a good ol" dick rate thread?

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7/10, would suck
R8 me pls

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6/10 it looks thick and those are some fat balls but not long enough.
7/10, i'd rate iy 8 if you shaved, you're pubes aren't impressive enough to keep.

Are you a chicken user?


How about you just fucking kill yourself, you tiny mutilated cocked cunt?

Thx m8, i shaved myself like two weeks ago, dont like hair either, but whatever

7/10 cause uncut. Would still suck

8.5/10 looks great

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yeah. im a fan. it's a good dick. looks like it'd be fun to suck.
8/10 i really like this one. how long?

Thanks. It's 6.7"


Kill yourself faggot

Kill yourself faggot


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any thoughts?

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going into a dick rating thread and calling someone a faggot, how original.


9/10. big/veiny/thick. balls are meh but still overall top tier.
9/10 also top tier and i like uncut more. just shave the pubes

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Kill yourself faggot

Cock is horribly neglected by wife and needs love.

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4/10 sorry
10/10. alpha tier.

Hahaha, thanks; I wouldnt go that far though

Thanks for the 9 user, this one shows my balls better

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Snap: ncf03

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no joke. fit body, light trim and neat. heavy balls. good length, veiny, uncut. i'm guessing length is between 6-7? not perfect perfect like you have a 10 inch cock but the entire package in this image is hot, imagine you were a girl going to suck your cock. there's literally nothing to complain about looking at this picture.

7/10. it doesn't look like its naturally that veiny. obvious cock ring. i like the length but id prefer to see a more normal boner than that.


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is that the best pic you can take?

Good estimate. 6.5inches.

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6/10 you should shave and the pink shirt/bib is unattractive
9/10. good length and thickness i like the vein
tell your wife strangers on the internet think you have a good dick worth loving

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M 31
Kik john_finn66

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Not too proud of the PPP...

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Hahaha, lets see how that goes.
Havent had a BJ, not to mention a good one in forever. Ugh, marriage

Wow 7 way more than i expected, made my day ty

can you show it pulled back?


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We rating your cock or your sock?

do i get rated?

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7/10 the size is an 8 but i'm not a fan of how your dick actually looks the head is too small but not in a way that makes it look bigger
10/10 as good as the other 10/10. looks a bit bigger and in desperate need of getting sucked
7/10 i've always wanted to try a dick with those little nipple things. its a good but average cock. maybe just be more confident
needs more clarity
my only complaint is that the veins aren't attractive but it's not something you can control. size and everything is pretty good though
9/10. foreskin looks tight but i like the color and everything about it. very thick
it looks dirty and shave.

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Another for comparison, 8 inches.

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9/10, thank you, thats a v kind rating. and yep i am pretty thick

changing my score from 7 to 9/10. your big hands made it look more average but the size reference fixes that. it's still a boring dick but at least its a big boring dick.

Thanks for the 7, fair enough

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Nice, here's two girls sucking on it. Somewhere between 8-9 inches, girls do love it

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Rate me pls

Dried cum on the end, been jerking it for the last two hours

Stays hard for quite a bit.

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well it's 8 inches of course. by boring i meant its just smooth i guess. no veins or anything that makes it look like its ready to pop i guess. in the first you don't even look like your fully hard.
like i said the size is an 8 but i'm not attracted to your dick so i bumped it to 7.
clean it then shave it. 5/10 till then
quads and the thickest cock i've seen so far 10/10
10/10 doesn't need an explanation.

Would suck and fuck

What do you think?

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7.5/10, can the skin cover it?

Awesome. Come on over :o)

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7/10 to 7.5/10

Be gentle.

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that looks painfully tight my guy