Girlfriend/wife's butt thread

Girlfriend/wife's butt thread

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Really fucking nice


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Not nearly as nIcE as OP

I already tapped it. Sawee.


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I'm not OP but I'm telling you
I spanked her.

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Any other pics?

Damn you spanked that hottie ? How was it

Yup, I know. I took the picture :-)

Goddamn wanna see them!

Fuck really

Oooooooh shit hoppe thos is true

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Some from the front...

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Face then?

Later that night, when I strapped my mistress to the bed.

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I wanna fuck your wife

This is getting interesting

Nope. She's a 40 year old businesswoman, with a bit of a wild side as my mistress. She's ok with having people jerk to her body and doing all kinds of nasty stuff with me, but can't show face...

Pussy or tits?

Later that night, after I had had her strapped and fucked her both myself and with a dildo, we took a shower, changed and went out for a meal. And this is from when we got back...

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My girlfriends pussy

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wow n e mo?

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lets see the dildo play


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any interest?

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wife. anyone try to breed her?

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Was to occupied to take any pictures... You could say I had my hands full! :-D

BUMP this thread, nephew


Nigga the only thing you tap is the worn out flashlight you keep in your sock drawer. Try not talking like a limp wristed faggot the next time you larp.

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Would be more than pleased to:-)

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More of her

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Fantastic ass!

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Any without underwear?

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Damn. Any pussy?

Need more to decide

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That looks remarkably like my dog’s asshole

Here is my gf

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That's a strange comment


Would cum balls deep in her and you can watch it dribble out

OP here. Bumping the thread with a Groyper meme, if thats okay.

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You're jelly, it's okay. I understand. I was once a scrawny wimp conpenscating for it like you are, until I hit the gym and started taking the gear. Now I am the Chad.

Here you go

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Dumping a bit more

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Moar of her?

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Too bad there isnt a view from behind. Tits?

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I like her pic

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Wife’s cute little ass

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nice. more?

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She is kewt.

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Her ass is phat, yuh gotta have moar

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butthole leaking cum

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Super fuckable butthole

Need more

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sure is

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