Cuck thread. All the cucks want their sluts reposted and exposed...

Cuck thread. All the cucks want their sluts reposted and exposed, but no one wants to actually take part in helping other cucks. If anyone actually wants to see their slut owned by someone and reposted, and will own and repost mine, kik me at slampuppet55

Having a mega folder of your slut makes it easy to own and expose her. Don’t expect others to do the organizational work for you. Once you have your mega folder, the fun begins.

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Cucks kik qwertyq1e for bwc bull

kik: cuck199

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I'm a fuck and I love it! My wife loves to suck and fuck my friends

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Cuck didnt want me to share her. Name's Anna

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better share her then

nice. post your friends using your wife feel free to heart your favs and save her. PLEASE don't repost her on Sup Forums or pornwebsites. Enjoy.

can’t open

Will jerk to your girls nudes and set as phone background, kik is cgr941

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Reposting for more

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do they gangbang her?

Dominique is a whore. Lol

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any scandi cucks?

More would love to cum all over that tatoo

Watched a nigger rip this pussy up on our couch

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No but one of my friends fuck her 2 or 3 times a week and another one fucks her a few times a month.

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shes gonna die of aids. RIP.

Anna G

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I get so hard exposing my slutty wife

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He came up her pussy so maybe

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Hmmm...So he was behind that...?

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keep going man

good slut

Proof of her fucking a nigger ?

He said he doesnt want her reposted, sooo...

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soooo better repost all of her

There’s a vid. Lmao proof. This place is wild

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Wifes tits. Kik: MisterE_1313

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can you post it?

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Moar of OPs weird used pussy

more outdoors nudes?

Who has her saved?

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does she cuck you?

Think Anna fucks at sonic?

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fucks her boss for a raise in his office

post the link you stupid faggot

Same. Says Channel's deleted

you should offer her to anyone you meet in the forest

He says I should stop. Says I'm exposing her

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Know her?

The photos of your wife are the only nudes I've come across online of someone I actually know, and that makes it better than any pornstar for me. I chatted with her a bit when I lived in Tampa and met her once at Reeves when I was having my car serviced. Wish I had known you two were into this when I still lived in the state. Please, for the love of god, post some videos.

Show her getting spear chucked

More of your slut. Expose her

You should stop
Kinda nasty tbh

Don't stop

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Even better. Tell him

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I want to believe

Fuck that's so hot! Been waiting for some to recognize her.

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Hey, the cuck didnt give that one up!

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These "know her" comments always make me kek

I wish

Fake and gay


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You trollin' us op?


More of your slut. You wanted to expose her right?

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I knew her as Marissa L. Saw her first on Temp Exposed as "Sarah", did a double take, and went back through her Facebook pics and saw the same watch in some of the photos. Nutted so hard. After that I looked everywhere for more. Thank you thank you thank you. Her and I are still Facebook friends ;) Vids...please!

Someone gave it up

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Fuck that makes me so hard

Looking for BBW/older women/ cucks sharing/ women to degrade


You ever msg her and ask about it?

Last one I got. Happy stroking to Anna!

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Sent me a FB message, let's have some fun!

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GF interest?

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He lied what you got of the whore?


she's cute? she indian or something


Indian correct

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Fapping now, kik me your legal girls

Kik: kjuany

Make me harder and post more of her

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Cute face, bet she sucks a good dick

Watching these kinds of convos bring me such joy, even if they’re fake

Regularly eats my cock so I can't complain.

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I for one need to see that hairy cunt spread

Seriously this is so hot! If you're friends with her you'll find my easily. Send me a message and I'll hook you up.

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fuck, I want to add her to my collection. got any pics of her with less clothing? or are we working our way there

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Slowly working there as we get more comments ;)

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So she is at home right now and there are some chimney service guys at the house working. Im imaging them using her in the living room, pushing her down onto her hands and knees, taking her mouth and pussy. When i get home i find her covered in soot and cum

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I'll also take a look at your slut wife

Kik: MarriedSlutsWelcome

those big lips would look so good on my cock

If you have more, dump them. I like this bitch

How many cocks you think she's taken

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Alright, can work with that. Imagining spraying my load over her chest

looking to share my piggie


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Fuck yes I love em natural

im hoping way more then she can handle