White girls fuck dogs

White girls fuck dogs

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We know.

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Well there was always rumours about Jess

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Fuck off nigger

Hottest video I ever saw was an absolutely stunning Japanese girl. A goddess, nude except for an Orchid in her hair, giving the sloppiest blowjob to a giant dog cock.
I wish I could find it again.

Have you taken the dog pill ?

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Always white girls, never others...

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Honestly, I dont blame them

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The dogs or the girls?

no pics, guys?

No because this is a thread based on the fantasy of the shut in white male. Just guys jerking other guys off with stories.

Don't think it's allowed here.

not ALL white girls fuck dogs
but ONLY white girls fuck dogs

I've seen a few vids of black chicks fucking dogs

>What is MexZoo

some white girls fuck dogs. not all white girls fuck dogs

A good rule of thumb

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really? I never have...but I believe you

>Accidentally walked in on 14yo daughter getting pussy eaten by our dog.
>Told my wife about it when she got home.
>Wife said it wasn't totally unusual, girls that age experiment.
>I asked if she had experimented that way, she said she had, as had a bunch of her friends.
>Said she'd talk to daughter, so I didn't have to.
>Couple days later,ask her if she talked to daughter, said she did.
>Then asked her to tell me more about what she did when she was younger.
>Realized I had a fetish I didn't know I had.
>Was fucking diamonds.
>Few weeks later finally got up the nerve to ask her if she would be willing to try it again and show me.
>She reluctantly agreed to it.
>Watching her get off on our family dog's tongue was so fucking hot.
>She's done it now in front of me five or six times, but she's also had him lick her out a few times when I haven't been home.
>Want to work up nerve to see if she'd fuck the dog in front of me.

>getting cucked
>getting his daughter licked
>by the same ...

This place really kills my love of life but never fails to make me laugh

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user truly knows a higher existence.
We should be grateful he still even communicates with our shit-tier plane.

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>being so pathetic you think you can be cucked by a dog
>a dog that is being used as a sex toy
You faggots are incredibly insecure for being such degenerates.

apparently any dog understands hierarchies better than you, beta bitch

Yup, i dont go near any white girl or any girl that is overly attached to their dog. You can tell right away, when they pet them and give them kisses how the dogs get rock hard. "Ohh kylo, you are such a horn dog" then everyone in the room makes silence eye contact, like yeah no wonder this bitch has been single for a long time and shes smells like dog slobber all day.

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White girls fuck dogs
Asian girls rim dogs and drink their piss

I think I prefer white then.

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One day this will be me. Daughter bout to be born in two weeks

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Why would you want a casual dogfucker instead of all the way?

Its about the journey you take w/ them

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>Cannibal Cupcake
When a girl sucks her dog's dick and expects nothing in return, that's how you know it's really true love

I think it goes beyond true love, its essential for he at that point.

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Anyone got a beast mega? Not the drawn stuff

it's illegal to ask that. you've crossed the legal threshold, I was waiting for someone to.

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google zooville, there's a bunch of good partner links on that site. Would recommend creating an account there too.

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Learn yo laws


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They actually doing the act lol porn be a misdeamor if anything


its all on the states user,other user might not even live in the usa

Ayla C hottest girl ever

>trying to get me b& by posting my pics of black chicks taking dog dick
fool me twice, we won't be fooled again

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They went to the trouble of counting the horses, but not the dogs?

has viideos of her doing it she will send on kik

More plz

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Wrong. The majority of beast bitches are Brazilian


Where's the Whitney Wisconsin videos when you need them...

Post them!

It's because we make it so illegal for them to have sex with a human. Teens get horny. That's just how God made us.

has anyone verified this? Smells of scam

There was an user in Kik threads selling k9 vids. It was a total scam. The vids were from a lesser known series called sexonia. I forgot the Kik name tho


this thread makes me wanna throw up
not really the fact that people fuck animals, but the view of white women that these retards are trying to push


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Only dog fucker ive known was half black desu

Sauce on this vid?

pics please

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Literally just typed in japanese girl blows dog and it was the first hit, are you retarded?