I need some router help. I need to reset a router that I connect to, but have no physical access to...

I need some router help. I need to reset a router that I connect to, but have no physical access to. I live in an apartment complex and the router has been frequently unconnectable. I suspect that it just needs a reboot. I have a card capable of monitor mode.

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If you cant get to it or log onto it theres not much to do. Can you cut the power?

No, but I'm pretty sure there is a way using aircrack or something.

Try each of these in your browser bar

One of these will get you to the login for the admin page for the router. If you know the username/password to get in to the admin page you will be able to reboot the router from within the admin page.

never hear about that...
is correct, if can't reach the router cut off the power to all building/general switch...

I'm not a sociopath

I'll give it a try, but is there a way to DDOS the router? Surely that will cause it to reboot.

Can you connect via Wi-Fi? If so a physical connection may not be necessary, but the process of rebooting the router does become a bit more cumbersome as you will be disconnected from the router during the reboot process.

Alternatively, attempt to connect via its Public IP address, possibly through a device on your phone provider's network or a free wi-fi service.

Yes, I can connect with wifi. Often times there is no connection beyond the router.

Connect via wi-fi.
Discover what your default gateway is.
Input that IP address into your URL bar.

Leave your neighbor's router alone, OP you retarded fuckwit. You're too stupid to log in and do a factory reset.

No luck. Btw I'm using a router that I have covered to a switch using firmware. It basically serves as a wifi adapter now. Dunno if that makes a difference. I have a regular wifi card that allows for monitor mode.

Does nothing

If its comcast/xfinity try
You can reboot if you sign into the administrative console on the router, which most just use default passwords the manufacturer sets

Then just break down the wall retard.

No luck
It's Cox but I tried it anyway.


A router is already a Switch you dopey fucker. If IP routing functionality has been removed you will have no internet access unless it's connected to another router which does.

Call your ISP and have them remotely reboot it.

OP is a nigger and trying to steal Internet from his neighbor.

your router might be visible under "devices and printers" if you're using windows

if it is, right-click it, look for properties, and you'll find the IP address of the router. type that IP address on your browser.

you'll only be able to access the device that is behaving as the DHCP

switches, wifi access points, etc. don't act as DHCP, thus inaccessible/invisible through normal routing

DHCP doesn't have to be enabled on a router. You can still log in if your device has been configured with an IP address on the same LAN IP range, as long as that IP address isn't already in use by another device.

Anyway, OP is a retard and a thieving nigger. Pay for your own Internet OP you scumbag.

Network admin here.

This man knows what he's talking about.

And OP is indeed thieving scum who is trying to get himself an IP address from the router so he can piggy back on it.

Won't work OP. If you don't have credentials you won't get on it.

Don't even have to do that..
Just type in ipconfig in CMD and paste the default gateway IP into a browser..

I know, in my experience though they're purposefully configured not to have an IP address visible on the LAN for obvious reasons, and some devices are only possible to be connected if you have a direct, cabled connection to it, but it's pointless to start some dumb fight about that topic sincerely

Network admin here is a filthy jew
If they didn’t change the default login information on the router (Most people don’t because they don’t give a fuck) you can very easily search for the default manufacturer login information (ie “Admin” “Password”)

It's WiFi for the apartment complex, faggot. If I wanted to steal wifi there are a slew of tutorials with which to do just that. I just want to reboot their router when it starts acting up.

Then the wireless interface you connect to will use AP isolation to stop shit like seeing your neighbour’s shares etc. and more importantly stop you from logging into the admin panel of the router.

Short answer is, you can’t do shit faggot, its by design.

Soo...he was behind all that...?

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Faggots just look it up under ipconfig /all in CMD instead of doing it like a retard

Then talk to the building manager instead of shitting up everyone else's connection just because you want to reboot a device that you don't own you fucking scumbag.

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