Have you ever been pegged by a woman? Share your stories

Have you ever been pegged by a woman? Share your stories

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Done it a few times. Felt great and I came buckets, but chicks aren't very good at knowing how to do the fucking motion well and are pretty shit at it.

gf enjoy pegged me

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i wasnt pegged but she used her vibrbrator on me

used to do it with this girl who is now a "guy". honestly it was pretty fun at the time to havve a cute chick with big tis bang my ass but once she started the T she got acne like a teenage boy and like all over her back and shit. had to get outta there.

Nah, but a girl did eat my ass. My distaste for anal pleasures on myself is one of my greatest regrets. Being gay is the cool thing nowadays. I can't win for shit.

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no but one of my ex's used to dry hump me while i was the little spoon

thinking back she probably thought i was a closet homo aha

tf does that do for anyone?

My first time was with my girlfriend before we were dating, I was a virgin back then and we met at a party, and she was flirting with me and took me to his home to "see a movie". Once we got there, we started to make out and she asked if I was bi, because a friend told her that I am (i'm not), and she said that it's ok, that she doesn't mind.
After that, we went to her room, and she took off my pants and started jerking me off. I was feeling good, and she was complimenting me, and I was getting horny.
But while she's jerking me, she opens a drawer, and puts a strap-on off of it. She asked me if I ever fantasized about sucking a plastic dick (I didn't), and started telling me how she founds very arousing the sight of a guy licking one.
She started to pressure me into trying it, and I was reluctant, but she was saying things like "I want both of us to enjoy this", and I was very shy back then, so I ended up agreeing.
I start licking the plastic dick and, while I wasn't enjoying it, it didn't disgust me either, so I just tried to put an act for her to enjoy. And I could tell she liked it, she was touching all my body and kissing me everywhere, and then she grabbed the plastic penis and put it in my mouth.
She was gently fucking my mouth with her dildo, and at this point I was starting to enjoy it, she was saying dirty things to me and moaning, and then I asked her to let me fuck her. She answered me, saying that she would let me fuck her if she could fuck me first with the dildo.
At this point, I'm starting to get a bit turned off because of her, but she saids that she would let me fuck her and cum inside of her if I let her put it in just a few seconds.

Again, I agree, because I'm too awkward to stop things now, and she flips me over, puts the strap-on and lube, and starts pushing it in my ass.
It hurt a lot, but she didn't move while she was inside of me, until the pain stopped. She asked if she could move a little before taking it off and I said yes because why not at this point?
She starts moving, and it hurts a lot, and I'm crying a little, but I try to endure it, so that she enjoys it. After a while of her fucking me, I ask her if we can stop, but every time I ask, she says that she loves it and asks me if I can endure a bit longer. After a bit of this, I start getting horny again, because of her moans, and the fact that my penis is rubbing against her bed every time she pushed it in. The pain is gone now, and she is fucking me relentlessly, and calling me slut, and moaning a lot, and I'm enjoying it as well.
I started to get close to orgasm, but I was embarrased and didn't want to admit that I was liking it, besides she was making fun of me because of my moans, so I tried to hold it and didn't tell her, but I ended up cumming anyway on the sheets.

I was very upset when this happened, and I avoided her for a while, but we made up and ended up together in a relationship still strong today hahah

This. +1

I have asked my wife to try it before and she wasnt really interested. One night she said lets try. I didnt really get a chance to clean out. Felt great, but lets just say it was a shitty experience.


Thats all me and my gf do lol. I love it and so does she

Would seriously love to try this.

>be me with usually submissive girlfriend
>she's kinky and loves being dominated
>asks me one day if we can try switching, me being submissive
>say sure, I'm a switch but don't have much experience
>get tied up, teased, denied orgasm, etc
>she eventually asks to eat my ass, both enjoy it
>one day while she's down there slips a finger or two in, feelsgood
>graduates to her buying one of those butt plug and cock ring combos, tells me to wear it during sex
>also feels good, a little weird and I'm tight back there but she likes it
>one night, I'm laying on my stomach, she's eating my ass
>eyes closed, moaning, enjoying it
>suddenly feel lube being dripped onto my asshole, then something rubber pressing against it
>look back, girlfriend has medium sized black strap on, ready to put it in
>"ready to take my cock?"
>not sure why but her sweet little voice saying something like that turned me on
>she fucks me, kissing the back of my neck a bit
>cum buckets
>over the months she buys progressively larger strap ons
>biggest I took was 8 inches while I was riding on top
>she jerked my cock at the same time and I glazed her face

Good times

Yes, my wife pegs me on a regular basis, 2-3 times a week. And it feels amazing, I'd never stop with it. Always nut so hard
Pic related, my wife and our strap on. Any questions?

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Yes and it wasn't anywhere near as good as a real cock

Strap ons are only good when the fuckers actually have straps, the strapless ones are only ok if your chick does kegels all day every day cuz those bulb parts that the chick is supposed to hold with their pussy is too damn slippery, also you fuckers best be cleaning your asses out
>be me
>enema when I want to use dildos(the big kind)
>wait for opprotunity to get pegged
>take chance, get ass lanced
>feels Goodman, ended up dating
Get you a bitch that ain't scared of this shit, its 10/10

>Any questions?
the tube?

What tube?

I used to know this guy. Angry gay dude that would occationally dress like a goth girl, when he wasn't driving an 18 wheeler or beating up pushers that tried to fuck him over.
He wasn't happy, and was on a downward spiral with drugs and self destruction. Started going to gangbangs.
One day he starts telling about a gangbang the day before. I immideatly spot that he is struggeling with something. He tells that he was tied up, and some girl started fucking his add with a strapon. Then he trails off into thoughts.
Poor guy never heard of pegging. Never thought twice that a strapon wasn't just a dildo. Just knew he liked having his ass pounded, and dedused that he was gay. For years!
He is in a much better place now, happily having his ass plowed by a girl. All is well that ends well I guess.

Soo...he was behind all that...?

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You only do pegging? Is there any reason for it or just your preference?

I dated a girl ugly as sin that spanked me propperly. But she wouldn't do ass play.
Dated a girl who would, but only cared about her own orgasms.
Married a woman that will finger me but nothing more. I think that she secretly fears that it would turn me gay.
I would only cheat on her if I could expect getting fucked in the ass.

That's so sad. And hilarious.
Thanks for sharing, user.

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