Gettin tested (weed) in 2 weeks, any advice?

Gettin tested (weed) in 2 weeks, any advice?

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don't smoke weed, or do anything related to weed

Drink one gallon of white vinegar before the test. Piss clean every time

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If you are a very heavy smoker, work out and diet until two days before the test, then start eating normally the day before, and take it easy. Drink a glass of water every couple hours and don't give them the first pee of the day. You should be fine.

maybe Gatorade or powerade mixed with the water

Nothing you can do, trust me, just blaze it.

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This is probably your best bet. Work out every day, cut as much weight as you can before the test. My understanding is that THC gets stored in fat. I’m not a scientist tho.

Drink a gallon or so of water the day before then like 3 to 4 hours before the test drink a Gatorade with sure-jell mixed in. Also take b-12 or eat a carrot for color.

What if im already skinny as fuck?

What if im already skinny as fuck

Then you don't have THC stored in your fat, because there's no fat.

It's 2 weeks away, just don't smoke and drink at least 80oz of water a day, you'll be fine.

piss test? should be fine if you stay well hydrated etc. hardly anywhere actually piss tests though except govt jobs, military and mining companies because of the cost and time it takes.
mouth swab is more likely, can be clean for one of those in 2 or 3 days. they're cheap and easy to administer so it's what most places go for when they say "drug testing".
still, stay dry for 2 weeks just in case, drink lots of water. exercise until 2 or 3 days before the test then take it easy.

just stop smoking at least a week beforehand and youll be 100% fine. stay hydrated

Hope it's a hair follicle test and anything you do is pointless.

No one likes you.

your life must be really shitty and you must really feel like shit about yourself man

Get some "quick fix" synthetic urine. It has a 99.9% pass rate.

Drink coffee the morning of the test. Pee before you go. Drink at least 3 12oz bottles of water before going in as well as another cup of coffee.
When you pee put the first bit of the stream in the toilet. Catch the middle of the stream and dont catch the last part. You will pass everytime regardless of size or amount of weed smoked.
T. Drug test clinic worker.
Coffee is a natural diuretic. It forces your kidneys to flush. If there's nothing but water in your kidneys at the time of the flush then the water will process to the bladder without picking up any trace elements of weed. Also pee tests account for a small trace amount of weed because certain foods such as sesame seeds contain a chemical that mimics marijuana.

smoke more weed and btfo of that test

drink 2 oz of vinegar and over the course of a day and drinks shittons of water.
after peeing 3 before the test on test day, you should be gucci.
sources: my own experience (not military grade test)

when I joined the Navy had to take piss test 1 week after I smoked a lot of weed and was a regular smoker before that. someone told me to drink cranberry juice and vinegar. I don't know why they say it will defeat the test. so the night before the test I drank a full gallon of cranberry juice and drank a glass full of vinegar. it almost made me puke. the next day I piss in the morning before the test it was crystal clear piss (obviously I pissed a little bit in the night) drank water all morning before the test. I passed my test. don't know if it is because of that stuff but I didn't have much time between my last smoke and the test and I passed

when you do your piss test make sure that it's not your first piss of the day.
piss in the morning when you wake up, drink 2 glasses of water after.

protip u need lots of water and avoid fat foods.