This is my doggy

This is my doggy
Want to see moar

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Fuck yeah. Spread that shit around.

stuff it in a blender

That fucking race running for state Senate. Good pupp

He's cute user, what's his name?

Kinda looks like a cross between German Sheppard and Chihuahua.

His name is "riko"

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More dig dig diggity dig diggity dog!

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Sorry for taking so long but I'm on mobile and all the pics are over 2mb and I have to compress them first

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Peanut butter on dick

Pic of his big red rocket, shooting loads everywhere


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He's not castrated but he's not sexually active at all just around summer sometimes he'll be very desperate to get out the house and fuck some bitch , he hasn't humped a blanket or anything since he was little some 4 years ago

Precious baby

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Don't let the thread dedicated to my doggy die :(

Is he your only pet user?

hes a good dog but not sexy like a German shepherd dog is

Yes only pet , 3 years ago also had a canary bird but sold it cause they're so useless and annoying

Cute doggy > "sexy" doggy

I beg to differ

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What's the name Riko from? Or did you just come up with it?

What a cute puppy. What kind of Dog is he?

More like German Shepherd and Corgi