What the fuck should I do anons

What the fuck should I do anons

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Wow you’re hot

lemme cum inside your soft, wet vagine.

You going to fill me up?

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You can’t start by taking off that top

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get a cover up on that elephant tatt

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I wanna fill your tight little pussy up. You gonna take all my dick?

tits or gtfo?

Who’s going to take me first

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I am. You’re all mine

Every day we stray further away from Gods light.
Also tits or gtfo

You gonna be a good girl and strip for me?

Are my tits saggy?

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Be gentle with me

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Let them out so I can see

Fuck I wanna break you

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No idea. Can’t see them

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Why are you showing your holiday pictures on a basketweaving forum?
This is weird

I LOVE your face

the nerves in my cock and the nerves inside your vagine will become interconnected in a dance of pure ecstasy and love as I continue to pound you with unrelenting force.

Little Asian whore

Do I have daddy issues

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You’re not naked and dirty enough to have daddy issues

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I’ll lick your anus

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I’d let you suck on my dick balls and anus

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I’ll do it daddy

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Good girl. Just how daddy likes it. You gonna show me your tight little pussy?

Can my friends join daddy?

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Only if they’re as dirty as you.


They will do do ass to ass

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get tits out or gtfo

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Fuck love you and your friends already. Show me your ass

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You can abuse my ass if you like daddy and your friends can

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Such a good little slut. I want you on all fours

Will you eat my ass too

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That’s why I want you on all fours

Pics please


Getting drunk so you’ll use me

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Good girl. Go in the bathroom and strip for me

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I want you BAD

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He can watch

What do you think of my sister too user?

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Have you saved all my pics user? To jerk off to them? Can I see if you have? My names Jordan ;)

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She’s pretty too but I prefer you. Love your big juicy lips

Every single one of them Jordan. Do you have a snap so I can send it to you there as well as pics of me

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Gonna add you now darling

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Waiting on you

Those your little feet?