That dude is trippin

that dude is trippin

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Awww is your world unraveling? finally get it? trump is done for LMAO

He literally said "Trump told me he does not want anything from Ukraine, no QQP" dude made schiff and nunes look stupid

How much have you actually been listening? That’s what Trump claimed (lied) to him, he said that’s the understand he and everyone else came to

I'm just a european fag listening to that theater of lies in the evening

I need some of that pinocchios RIGHT NOW

He made it pretty clear, that there was a quid pro quo. And the facts speak for him. The aid is currently still being withheld, as Trump ordered.

>Trump told him "no quid pro quo" and that he didn't want anything from Ukraine
He said this after everything blew up in his face. And if you actually believe him, you're dumber than shit.

>Trump said he didn't want anything therefore the QPQ never happened!
Are you retarded?

Literally none of what you said is true.

What facts?

he literally says it in his opening statement you retard

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Let’s see if this fuckin link works.

Nevermind all that shit!
Who's the blonde fox behind Big Jim?

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None of these people have any information that matters, this is a which hunt, and democrats are wasting tax payer money again over the same old nonsensical grandstanding.

Q will protect Trump no matter what

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God be praised!

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You're a dumbass, he said the same thing in closed-door testimony weeks ago. Read the transcripts, low-information voter.

Aid was released on Sept 11 fuckstain

>When the hearings are so damning that you can't think of a way to spin them.
The right can't meme

AFTER THE WHISTLEBLOWER you moron. Timing is everything. That's like trying to blackmail someone and after you get caught you said you weren't going to blackmail them. So dumb. Fox News Parrot. SAD!

In D.C., they call her a "staffer"
as in "polish my staff-er"

He said the meeting was tied to the investigation.

He denies the investigations being tied to military aid but he doesn't deny the investigation being tied to the meeting at the white house

dubs of truth

After the investigation was announced. Duh, how can you not see the timing of that and how it matters?

We already know that what Trump says is not always true. Basing evidence off of Trump's mouth is pure s stupidity.

gordie sondie perjured himself. he's in big trouble.

Moron, the whistleblower didn't report for days, if not weeks. He spoke with counsel, he spoke with Schiff, and then filed the complaint August 12th. The conversation where Sondland asks Trump what he wants and Trump says "nothing...tell him to do the right thing" was on July 26th, the day AFTER the whistleblower's phone call on July 25th, and well before the whistleblower's filing on Aug 12.

>assumption of character
>valid legal argument

pick one.

Aid can be withheld for any reason and for no reason. It is entirely at the discretion of the President, regardless of whether the money has been earmarked by Congress. True, it cannot be withheld for corrupt purposes, but I have yet to see evidence that the aid was withheld for corrupt purposes. Thus far, the strongest indicator of intent is Trump's publicly stated resistance to providing aid without equitable contribution by our allies.

suddenly Sup Forums is a court of law

It demonstrates that the assumption of QPQ originated at the staffer level, and was not requested by POTUS.

Soo...he was behind all that...?

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