Last year, I was homeless for 18 months and lived out of a 1985 VW camper... AMA

Last year, I was homeless for 18 months and lived out of a 1985 VW camper... AMA.

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People do this for fun now, stop crying

if you had to do it all over again, what advice would you have from the beginning?

You weren't homeless you had a camper van

Yeah it youre travelling about in southern California with a cute dog and a cute gf and a tech job you can do from a Starbucks. I just crashed in my car in the British winter.

When it comes to a sleeping bag, money is no object. Making sure your car is repaired and maintained too. Prevention over cure.

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Was it down by the river?

In Britain, the legal classification for homeless stretches to car dwellers. It's called functionally homeless. Are you not homeless if you squat in a building site?

No u

Noice. I have an ‘83 that I’m thinking about living in next spring.

Lol no it was in the gym car park and my work lot too.

>sleeping bag made for the arctic
>tint or cover up windows
>learn how to run a battery off grid as some only run when hooked up
>get every little thing patched and fixed no matter what
These are the most important things


do you have any comfy stories? did you manage to get laid in it? ever just drive it into nowhere for the weekend?

i wouldn't say that's homeless. just living in a van.
no different to backpacking for a few years or living in hostels to bang hot Scandinavian girls.

Yeah I got paid in it a few times. Met an absolute freak on tinder and we was the only girl I ever met who didn't want to go out first, just wanted to come over and fuck. She and I fucked maybe 3 or 4 times in the back. Got caught one time too. Another girl gave me head in the front after a date.

Dunno about comfy, some dodgy ones though if you wanna hear them.

Did go to Yorkshire for a weekend, about a 2 hour drive away. Regret it though as the thing broke down on the way back and had to stay on hold for about 6 hours to recovery. Phone nearly died and I just dozed in the back the whole time.

According to the British government it is functionally homeless. And it was the Kino van life you see on YouTube. It was proper shit m8.

Kek laid not paid

How did you enjoy it? Where were you driving around? Did you feel more free or more empty? I feel like doing this I damn near hate my life right now

*wasn't the kino van life

I didn't much although some highlights. Wasn't driving around I was between homes and just had to go live in my van. Went to work and shit. If you are equipped for it and know what you are doing it can be great. I was basically living in a mobile trailer though.

Tell us the best stories you got man. Good and bad. Why else start this thread then

These women are called "hobosexuals"

How were you homeless last year for 18 months when there's only 12 months in a year?

Ga werken tokkie

not shure i get this functional homeless thing? here i must have a registered adress, a po box is not good enough. but thats only for voting rights, tax papers and shit. so people just make an arrangment with a relative, friend or even use their work place. everything can still be done online so you dont really need to check it at all. and if its the size of a normal van there is no law against sleeping in a legally parked car. this is norway, and some students do this just to save money on rent, either van, bus, caravan or boat.

Kek they thought my car was in the shop, I told them so at least.

Last gear was when I stopped living on the van. I began 18 months before that. Wtf kinda question is that.


Best was probably the tinder slut I matched with that fucked me about 4 times in there. She literally didn't give a shit I was in there. She did tell her mates a guy in a yellow van was coming to take her on a date in case I kidnapped her and I became known as Pete the Perv with the Rape Van.

First time we matched and I asked her out, I asked her what she wanted to do, she said "me ;)". She was short and pretty curvy and had a limp from a brain thing she had when she was a kid but she made up for it with banging hot sex. She was the biggest freak I think I ever fucked.

One time we had just done fucking in the back on my works car park and I had cum in her mouth. She hated that but she didn't care too much. She opened the van door and got out naked in the night air and was spitting it out. I got our and had my pants round my ankles and pissed up my wheel. As she got in and I was pissing I heard something and told her to quiet down. She thought I was joking and decided to shout "is anyone there!". Just as she did a guy came round my van who had been crossing the car park from across the lot and hadn't seen us from the angle he was coming. I dove back in the van with a "oh shit nigga" and slam the door. I heard the guy exclaim "oh Christ, fucking disgusting!" Probably at the used condom on the floor and the still spreading pool of piss. We both howled laughing and I watched him from the window walk off grumbling.

Worst was when some drunk lads decided to use my van as money bars one Saturday night and woke me. The thing was rocking like it was an earthquake and it frightened me cos I was confused. They were jumping on the back bumper and climbing to the roof and shit.

I did similar but there is lads in some cases in Britain. I had no choice and I really wished for a home throughout the winter. I woke up with ice sometimes that I could only scrape through with a half hour of careful digging. My hands would bleed it was so bad and my heater never worked properly. If you are forced into this situation rather than are living like a hippy, the government call it functionally homeless, meaning you still live like a homeless person and are more vulnerable to attack or crime.

*laws not lads

Lol get a job nigga

Your last year was 18 months?

>12 months in a year
>Last year I was homeless for 18 months

No you fucking spastic. I stopped living in the van in autumn 2018. I started in Spring 2017. That's 18 months.

God this board is collectively retarded. See

Fuck off you should have said that then, I thought England had a long year or something

I do hope you're fucking joking you dumb fuck

What did you do for showers?

that makes no sense OP

>bad heater..
was it air cooled? never tought about a aux heater or just a regular propane oven? didnt expect uk to get that freezing cold

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will you join this discord server?

Where did you take a shit?
Where did you take a shower?
How did you charge your phone, laptop etc

I had a gym membership. Parked in there car park and then trotted in at 7.30 for a swim in the underwear I wore to bed the night before nd hit the shower. Laundromat at the weekends. Shitvtime when gym was shut for renovation. Had to go 4 days without bathing.

See It gets -9 Celsius in the north near the Scottish border sometimes. Propane freaked me out cos I might choke to death and the battery never really worked off grid so electric one could not run. It was cooled by a small water tank I think.

See above. Shits had to be a nearby supermarket if it was out of gym hours. Or work. Charging laptop was at work. I used to spend most weekends in a coffee shop playing vidya on a laptop too.

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Most certainly not

>last year
>18 months
okay kid