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lets make each other laugh kekekeke

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Already lost

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Detroit rhymes with "negroid"?

Detroit rhymes with "negroid destroy it"?

detroit rhymes with destroyed

by niggers

these are so fucking unfunny

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What does it say lol

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rice crispies

kek a new one

discord gg /random

join us shitposters

>dad, what's that falling down from the sky?
>I don't kno-

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fuggin weebs

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discord gg/random

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Fuck, first one I hit I lost

>kebab gets kebab'd

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Impressive accuracy, but what happened to cause his event?

It does lead the imagination to wander...

I guess he stuck the landing

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Did he died?

discord gg/random

no, he just got impaled

Wait.. I can help fund bullets to kill sandniggers?
Thanks for providing a list of companies to support.


Bad news.

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what was he trying to do?

No idea. He fell at an odd angle for a suicide. I'm just glad I'm not him.

Think he was drunk and fell out the window, that's what I heard

ever been so drunk you thought everything was a dildo?


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If I convert to islam will a thicc qt hijab girl marry me with an intact hymen and no cut up genitals, if that's the case fuck yeah Allah Akbar down with the kuffars Muhammed was right all along

Oh Carlos!

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That's pretty good.. not funny.. but good.

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Ohhhh all the pieces are coming together now

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Are.... Are those silhouettes made of the tree spirits from princess mononoke? Am I a weeb for recognizing them after all these years?

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Not sure what the joke is supposed to be here. Are they jealous that he outsold them both on his first solo outing? Or just that he is everything they both are, rolled together and turned up to eleven?


Black people had this hobby of hanging from tree branches back in the day, sorry by a noose not that far back

I love my dog because even if she is a gentle giant, she scares all the pussies in the area

guessing falling had something to do with it

T'Challa isn't American, though. He's from a civilized country.

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fuck off

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This is extremely offensive to me. There ain't niggers living in new hampshire

Think it’s all the sudan refugees that went to vermont.

Where are the asians?


Then he should've stayed there and this wouldn't have happened.

Yeah...Elon...you was all the time.

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that one's for NYC, covers up our entire state though
live free or die man, I don't need a license to buy a handgun but i also gotta give the oooga boogas a chance and NOT run down their entire brood on the sidewalk.

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I FUCKIN MEANT BOSTON i gotta quit smokin every day

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Has anyone ever taken this bait?


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What is it? I've asked around and no one knows

you just did

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in canada

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the smell of blood and shit must be overpowering!

So understanding a different language makes you a weeb?

Dumfuckistani detected

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