Anyone got Vola for Elle?

Anyone got Vola for Elle?

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Who is she?

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So sexy

who is she? name?

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Fuuuuck. These are new to me!

If I had to guess, her name is probably Elle.


ooooo 2 new ones

check archive, there was a thread only a few hours ago with some dumped

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Keep going! She's my #1 Sup Forums girl!

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Last one I am posting since I posted them all only a few hours ago. Hoping someone drops some I dont have like

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*unzips* Who is she? Any info?

What do you want to see?

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Was you in the Vola last night ? Anything and everything

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I love 'em

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What next?

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Got anymore body writing or spreads ?

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Only other body writing I have

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Any collages ? i have the front and back set with bottoms on

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Not really any collages. A few front/back kinda stuff. You?

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I have the other side of this.

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I found a tribute collage of her. Not sure if anyone would be interested in that.

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WTF, I thought it was only back and front

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Haha I'm a bit obsessed with her so I religiously follow the archives and OP when he posts.


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Seems like it's just us two. You have Kik?

No I dont

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What's your favourite picture of her?

or this one

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Cant go wrong with this one either

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why do I have to pick? why not all 3?

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discord gg/g6upAQ3
no rules
anything goes

Right here, for starters...

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i would love to use her holes every day and give her every last drop of my cum.

That is what they deserve

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i so want to eat her out

Looks reallllllly tasty

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would drink her till she is dry

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she is so fucking perfect

How tight do you think she is?

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I'd never pull out of her pussy. Glad there are other fans of her. I thought I was alone!

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Do you have this unblurred??

she looks tight as fuck
impossible not to cum inside her goddess body.
i would marry her in a heart beat.

I was in a vola with the apparent OP of all these pics and he said she was like a vice grip

Some are blurred, some aren't

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I don't know if I'd rather cum in her pussy, ass, mouth, or maybe even tits or face. Fuck.

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Fuck I'd believe it. She looks like she'd make you cum instantly. Wish I'd seen the Vola since I've followed her since the beginning!

She NEEDS to wear this out in public. I wonder if OP ever made her.

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i would eat her out then cum where ever she want it and eat her out some more

Would love to see a girl like her blacked irl

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>wear this out in public.

on the beach, right after she swallowed my load

such a hot teasing

>Is this too skimpy user ?

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it's classy and not too revealing for sure

God I wish I knew who she was. Would love to see even just normal pics of her.

There's no way she can fit the largest one.

fucking hot

OP has said this was the largest when he posted awhile ago.

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>hee hee I am quiet church girl

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imagine fucking her tight pussy now

why is she so perfect? i'm in love.

Fuck. Never seen that one! She is fucking cute.
Her ass is begging for a DP. I doubt she could even handle it.

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Anyone has more anal stuff?

>Thanks for taking me to church user, I hope no one saw what we did in the car park

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she will be ready after more training

Wow. You are a king user. Been collecting her for years and thought I'd seen it all!

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>>Thanks for taking me to church user
next time we use the remote control vibe.
i need this view every morning.

was hoping it was a trap at first but its a girl, thats fucking gay lol.

Seems like you missed out massively on the vola last night then

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i want to hear her moaning

>the vola last night then

Guess so. This is like Christmas for me haha.

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>This is like Christmas for me
not just for you


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even just her hands are sexy as fuck
i want a closer look

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I would kill for her whole set unblurred

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the the whole neighborhood hear her squealing and moaning
she has such a pretty face

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Enjoy lads, tight!

Please kill yourself

So fucking cute how she can barely take it. I love seeing her struggle. Tight pussy confirmed. And almost full face at the end! FUCK.

seems like she really have to work to get it in. i love it.

Pretty much proof her pussy is incredibly tight.

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my tongue will fit in for sure

Best Elle thread ever

can't agree more