Will Trump take down Pence with him? I'm not believing for a second that those two respect each other

Will Trump take down Pence with him? I'm not believing for a second that those two respect each other.

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I hope so. Trump is chaos, but Pence is an Evangelical Talibanist. Same shit, but with more competence.

>I mean, he didn't tell people "Hey, I'm doing crimes here", so hes totally innocent! He's totally not pissing on peoples head and telling them it is rain!

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Sup Forums legal discussions be like:
>Officer: "Sir, do you know how fast you were going?"
>Me: "Yeah, I did 120km/h"
>Officer: "The speed limit is 60. You just committed a crime by speeding."
>My friend: "He didn't say 'I'm speeding'. That means he's not guilty of speeding. You have to say out loud the crime you're committing while doing it. You know, like Pokemon."
>Friend's friend: "Officer, I heard him say 'I'm going to speed and therefore commit a crime!' I heard it first hand."
>My friend: "Do you have a recording of him saying that?"
>Friend's friend: "No, but..."
>Officer: "Fuck... You're free to go, I guess... The law's the law."

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The difference is that the ONLY claim we have at all is Sondland who has the memory of a goldfish and before didn't remember something and now mysteriously remembers more and more. My guess is his memory is linked to the amount of money Democrats give him. Then if you take what he said as true, the only thing he said is Giuliani was pushing for this and he had assumed that Giuliani was representing Trump when he told him to do things. The difference is that if you have a lawyer and you don't know that your lawyer is doing something illegal when he represents you, you have no link to what that lawyer does unless there is a proven connection saying that you told the lawyer it's ok if he does that illegal thing for you. So ultimately even if Giuliani had done something, it still has no proven connection to Trump. All of this stems from the simple "Innocent until proven guilty" that defines our justice system.

>fox news copy&paste
don't you shills ever get tired of shilling?

Reminder that the Ukrainian government is required to assist the U.S. government in criminal investigations BY LAW of both country's.
The president is REQUIRED by law to ask for an investigation

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They will leave office in 2025. Are you asking if Pence will run at that time?

>Apples and oranges and sports teams are all the same things.

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I wish a girl would look at me the way pence looks at trump

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Ditch the purse and she might.

then go beat up some immigrants and EARN it.

>treaty of mutual legal assistance

Explain what the treaty is then.
Explain who the treaty affects.
Explain what obligations the two governments is (presidents being the head of each government).

Go ahead, I'll wait.

Ah, reducing the argument to simple analogs that aren't actually analogous. Never change Sup Forums.

Dont need a smokin gun to convict someone of murder

>sports teams
the problem is that amerifats treat politics as sports teams. you don't have to support absolutely everything your team does just because you bought a 10$ hat.

spot on. This shit is nonsense. I don't give a fuck if there was a lossless recording of Donald John Trump clearly stating "Investigate the Bidens and I'll release the money," I would still find ZERO fault with that.

U.S. taxpayer money was funneled into Hunter Biden's bank account through foreign entities with his father at the helm. That needs to be investigated. Its corruption, plain and fucking simple. Its upsetting enough that U.S. taxpayer money went to Ukranian oligarchs' accounts taking huge salaries, the fact that Hunter Biden sat alongside them is FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS. And then they sweep it under the rug with "boo hoo, my other son is dying of brain cancer, how dare you bring up my crackhead son doing business with the corrupt country that I'm responsible for "blindly" supporting with BILLIONS in aid." You got to be fucking kidding me if you ignore this BLATANT conflict of interest and support some convoluted hearsay horseshit and the bug-eyed partisan hack shoveling this bullshit into the open-mouthed liberal media to be regurgitated onto the televisions of honest Americans who can't be bothered to know any better.

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i'm asian and dont know jackshit about that
but did the guy that trump set under pressure because he did shady things, shady things?
sry dont member that dudes name, only know him from images where he smells girls hair
pic related

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The Jew...
Using the Black for muscle...
H. Gibson

>Don't assassinate Hitler, Goebbels might take over and he will run the army better.
I think we can agree that we can make a better argument then that. How about something involving a Nancy Pelosi power play to become president? gotta workshop these talking points lads.

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Work on your bait more sempai, you lack discipline.


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Like a proud father?

He is legally allowed to ask but not to insinuate the holding of aid to coerce them into investigating a political opponent.

And there's the important bit