Search You Laugh You LOSe no results?>

>search You Laugh You LOSe no results?>
>find autism
lets do something about it lads

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Too real

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Toll paid

Who is "man" enough for her

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I feel bad for andy-kun. Hope he's happier now.

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Honestly, the antidepressants might be ruining him. I'd seek a professional (not the one who prescribed them to me) and ask them how to safely ween myself off.

SSRIs can make you numb as shit, but at least you're not "sad" (you're just incapable of happiness too)

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He has a gf. What's his problem?

Bloomer is actually just a dumb fuck who chooses to be sad, to fit in

I mean, good for him, but holy kek.

you think having a gf = happiness ?
Fucking incel

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Lol. He actually fell for Sup Forums's trolling. Autism is dangerous, yo. I keep forgetting that some of you are literally Chris Chan.


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Meh, if the kid gets a good dad who's actually there, he might turn out all right.

You can really smell the England in this gif


>incapable of happiness
that hasn't been my experience

Holy shit, virgin hover on a PICTURE!

the fact that this stale maymays make you cucks laugh shows summer is never over

holy god this is killing me

Wtf fuck dude lmao

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This guy's no doubt an autist, but the fact that people are harrassing him over putting up it's okay to be white signs is proving the point entirely

Same. I love how the wanna be doctors on this board try to discredit something that works for millions, just because it didn't work for them.