UK thread.. post UK sluts you have nudes of.. looking for Stoke, North West and North East in particular

UK thread.. post UK sluts you have nudes of.. looking for Stoke, North West and North East in particular..

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Any scottish lurkers?

Stourbridge / Dudley lurkers?


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any nudes?

Maia, whore.

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Anyone know her?

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There’s never any Plymouth in these threads

I can jump on that Stirling too

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From Buckinghamshire.

any nudes of her?

Abbie J from Lancashire, anyone got her wins?

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Nah, shes west midlands

where you looking for? got any my age 18-20?

Also Hpool, you got KIK ?

Damn that's a fat ass. Dont recognise her I think. Any more?

Sadly not
This is from a vid of her after a night out in a takeaway flashing her ass

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Ah ok

yeah mate it’s aweav2000

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Fucking hell shes tidy

Yep unreal

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Any other Stirling?

I have some other vids as well.. she's proper dirty when she drinks

Only girl I have sorry, you got anyone else in scotland?


West Lothian

Abbie F

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Fuck more of Katie please user!!

you got any megan friedli from oxford?

any nudes?

Anymore Hartlepool sluts?

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You know her?

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Nah don't use it

She’s a good slut! You have nudes? Got discord or kik?

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no nudes of abbie, and nothing on megan. she's blocked me on everything after i called her a cunt on a night out.

I do indeed mate ;)
Want to chat privately about her?

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What's your discord?

no where near hartletpool but want more of her

Any UEA?

Making one now mate two seconds!

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who blocked you megan lol?


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Any megas?


Add me to chat about Katie

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Molly#4723 is my discord!


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So fit, my disc is here :)

Fife here

any chelsea mcbain from there?

yeah megan. can't stand her. because she's pissed me off i don't even find her attractive anymore.

You got anyone?
Nope don't know her


repost??? i think i knew her

What’s your user mate, can’t see your message/?


These threads are always skinny bitches, where's the thick sluts at?

haha know any slutty stories about her? used speak to her on insta time ago but never managed get any nudes

Anyone got anything from south Buckinghamshire???


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not really anything slutty, a few of my mates have apparently done fucked her but no real stories that i know of. one of the first questions she asked me was how much money i made. i decided to dislike her from that moment.

reckon you could get nudes of her off anyone?

any nudes of her?


Stevenage/north herts kik pugsanddrugs93

dump vids or nudes

i dont know i cant actually remember i just recognised the photo, did you get it?

Also Fife

can you repost it the pic i could help

Any Blackpool?

initials SM?
Looks very familiar

any christina G from worcester?

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no mate TP

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More fife/ Dundee?

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Lancaster student, now Coventry chunky milf

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Got a kik?

Where’s the Manchester girl from the previous thread? The cute one