New Celeb Thread. For Whom Shall You Coom?

New Celeb Thread. For Whom Shall You Coom?

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You gonna hit me or what, stud?

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I'll coom you, cute mofo

No u!

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I SHANT coom
or the kundalini serpent will never bloom

rhyming with coom is pretty hard

maybe I SHANT coom
even if my balls go boom?

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Don't mention the lines, don't mention the lines..
Ahem, nO u! The big smol qt

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What lines, anoni?

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N-no lines, in particular..
Just your qtdu smile line (:

did she hurt herself? what's the physical therapy for?

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I can't wait to lie next to you.

Oh ok
Her hips

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Poor thing, I hope she heals up well.

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When I get to your room you'll be sure to coom. Out of your tested your seed with zoom.
Go for it big guy.

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What? No. I want to hit Emma Roberts. After she hits me a few times. And then we lock arms and fall together onto the bed and kiss. Why is this so hard to understand? Oh, I guess maybe I should be posting Emma Roberts. But I amn't. Not yet.

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panty line

Completely different body type, but it sounds like you'd love Gianna Michaels, especially the scene where she gets in a slap fight with her co-star while they fuck

I thought you was gonna be wholesome
now I need to change the candles
also ace rhyming you rhymenoceros

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Not down for a cheeky roleplay eh? Not for everyone cutie it's all good.

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She's all well again
Smh... you don't know me, do you?

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Triple nine for you will be mine. You'll coom so hard you'll break your spine. Is that your pickle all covered with brine? The rhyme is over the brine is your precum.

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I'm glad!

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just has some breakfast tacos and it's 8pm, u can't stop me mom

repeating digits acknowledged and respected

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How are you, user?
Hello, this is GGmom. Stop eating tacos!
Sincerely, GGmom

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I'm impressed, comfy and uncomfortable at the same time
checked dubs

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this gg pic looks like its from Tim and Eric

Soo...he was behind all that...?

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I already ated em

that's free real estate

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I'm telling GGdad that you disrespected me

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give disc

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can't stop won't stop
⊂ノ  ニつ
(`(´ ノ
 || ノ

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Look how pretty (*◡*)

You ready to smoch yet or what?
It's what I do.

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This is good, I like this. You've done well.

Hey, gotta practice some guitar. I'll be back later.
You weren't gonna miss anything. Just me saying something about my cousin or whatever. Hey, have a good time!
Oh, also, enjoy Shenmue 3 that just came out! Crazy. Hit all of the buttons to fight or drive a forklift or clip your toenails or something. Whatever.

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need 4 breed

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:p good
You are

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Where do I find this kind of girl IRL?
Is it at the library?

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literally 24/7 365

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Did your moment of unwholesomeness pass?

too yung ; - ;

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Nice double eights. Pix you're one of the greats. When you enter the thread always greatness awaits. Now I know that I'm shrewd, but boy you can sometimes be lewd. I hope to see you on many dates.
Good. Im worried about you so you get extra.

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I hope that we meet again many dates fits better oops

Nothing but respect for this guy tbh.

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Nuh, you're pretty (▰˘◡˘▰)

about time!

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Sorry! I've expanded my portfolio can't just post Carly and breed Kiki!

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was curious so when and listened to the vid this webm is from
her musical evolution is... interesting

worry why :o
digits checked btw

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Oh maybe I am not talking to who I think :< sorry u still get smoch

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boo you suck lol

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I am not... maybe a bit

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You've done it now kiddo

went from bubblegums to blood pretty quickly

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No! No suck! Breed! Breed a sexy Kiki! Fill Kiki cunny! Kiki need kiddos! Pump Kiki until baby bump! Kiki cunny need your man honey! Beat baby batter into Kiki baby oven! Bake 350 degrees for 9 months! Kiki mommy!

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Kiki hold hands. No breed

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1 second too late for that one.

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How come, cuteness? Savouring your pleasure?

:/ we spoke before my nutto mode fren

from 'I'm softer than a daisy' to 'let it all burn down' real quick

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oh shit im sorry

kiki too smol for breed ; _ ;

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It is hard to tell people apart sometimes, but I do remember you. I thought you were BD at first.

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How very modest of you c:
You's the prettiest qt

bbb is still one of my favorites, that's literally the dream
why tf can't real girls be that feminine

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No. Stop It. Sexy Kiki is not for lewd or breed.

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>real girls
is poppy a trap? god i hope so

those Kiki socks are looood

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no ; _ ;

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No lewding allowed. Feet are gross,

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i'd marry this dyke

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:/ it's ok I never used to be able to recognise people
he uses much better punctuation than me

poppy isn't real she's just a mirage sent from heaven to keep you going

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poppy is an object, poppy is your best friend
here is where I'd put the rest of those lyrics if I could be bothered

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lmao tell me this is real

Yes yes...
I'm not jade

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May I post?

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If you :/ me one more time I'm gonna show you how nutto mode you can really go.

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Good server
Took my virginity and shoved it up my butt

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Go ahead and delete this at your leisure.

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