What's your best argument against homosexuality? It seems like most of you have an emotional opposition to it...

What's your best argument against homosexuality? It seems like most of you have an emotional opposition to it. Just because you feel disgusted by it, doesn't make it bad. I'm disgusted by heterosexuals kissing, but I don't think that should be banned.

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>unhealthy, more STDs, the anus wasn't meant for penetration, also it's linked with more depression and alcoholism.

I'm gay and i'm starting to realize it sucks and it's not fulfilling. the only time being gay is rewarding is during sex and that's not going to be something that seems worth it when i'm 80 and sex has no real joy and i have no kids of my own. i think im going to go bi because i do want to have a wife and kids despite the fact that i love getting fucked by men.


>more STDs

>the anus wasnt meant for penetration

>also it's linked with more depression and alcoholism.

its fuckin emotional and illogical. The same sex can produce nothing with each other

nigga just adopt a kid

no triumphant sense of primal breeding

If homos were fine paying the cost of their own antiretrovirals, and supported freedom of association for parents to choose whether to send their kids to schools, scouting organizations, etc. with or without gays, then I'd be fine with gays coexisting.

If the gays say they can't exist without normal people paying their medical bills and unobstructed access to children... lol

I'm bi, but I kinda agree with this. It took me a bit, bit I've come to know that men are pigs

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i want my own biological children.nothing against adoption but thats what i want.

i find sex with men meaningless because there is no purpose to it. it's just self indulgence, i love it but i need more out of life than just that. i want to build a life and if i have sex with a girl she can have my kids we can have a family and theres more foundation in what our love is than just how we connect physically.

It normalises non-nuclear family units and given the current birth rate of native Europeans this will have a long term negative effect on humanity.

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sounds less like a being gay problem and more like a wanting an actual relationship problem
stop sleeping around and find someone you actually care about


>i want my own biological children.nothing against adoption but thats what i want.

fuck what you want asshole

You understand that the concept of the nuclear family is fairly recent? For example in the Roman empire they had people who's job it was to raise and teach their children, sure it was mostly for the wealthy, but offen the child would have a great relationship with that person

I only sleep with one guy and i enjoy whatever it is we have with each other but i picture the scenario of us having a relationship and he's a bit older than me so when he dies i'm left alone, childless and old.

well i want kids. and i'm not going to adopt and i'm too poor for a 10g science baby so biological is my only option.

As a fertility factor, single nuclear family households generally have a higher number of children than co-operative living arrangements according to studies from both the Western world[11] and India.[12]


>1/3 not screened in last 12 months

How huge % of the hetero population do you think is screened for std past 12 months

Just that they Will gey extint eventually

its a turnoff to watch.

exist? thats fine

Not me, but what's wrong with keeping the concept of a nuclear family? Why revert back to times when there is no nuclear family? Having a mom and a dad and siblings is very nice. When you're a parent, caring and nurturing your own offspring is quite an experience too. Adopting may be similar, but can you really ignore that it's not yours?

tldr Why change what's working?

>well i want kids

yeah i know, that's the problem. who said you were entitled to having children? you're obviously not up to the task of raising a child in the first place

I'm not who you were originally replying to but please kys

Yes, let's address that. If they're going to die out, why the fuck do you care? We have an overpopulation problem anyway so where's the issue if some people just don't reproduce? I'd rather two guys don't have children because they prefer fucking each other than some basement-dwellers not having children because they think the universe conspires against them getting laid.

No the concept that the nuclear family is a recent concept is a recent form of anti-family propaganda. The nuclear family has been at the core of human relationships since humans realized that sex led to offspring. The fact that the rich have sent their kids off to boarding school doesn't negate the fact that the father was considered the patriarch of a family consisting of father, mother and children..

This. Its not the homosexuality we fine repulsive so much as the constant push to have everyone accept it as normal whether they want to or not.

its perfectly natural to want your own kids. i don't see why you're hating on a simple biological function.

Best argument for accepting homosexuality:
>It doesn't matter

Best argument against homosexuality:
>It's gay

It's as simple as that. It's something more only if you are retarded enough to care.

It's like being outraged about foot fetish. Or advocating for it.
>No, it's not going to destroy the society and "le nuclear family" if more people start jizzing on feet instead of in pussies for the purpose of procreation.
>Normal people do it too. Regular Joe sometimes has weird obsession with feet and sometimes regular Joe likes to suck cock for some reason.
>Both are kinda gross to the majority but we don't have to engage.
>It's not magical and liberating or whatever either. It's just a sex thing.

None...it would be reproduction but the chinese have that covered...im all for more gays in the US...already 51% female, why not make that 51% go further for us "cis" gendered folks

HIV ie generally spread through anal sex, ie how gays fuck

> What's your best argument against homosexuality?
It is abnormal and disgusting.

>It seems like most of you have an emotional opposition to it. Just because you feel disgusted by it, doesn't make it bad.
But it is disgusting AND bad.

>I'm disgusted by heterosexuals kissing,
Well that's your problem. Maybe you should seek psychiatric group therapy to overcome the irrational disgust that you feel towards PERFECTLY NORMAL people (of the opposite gender) doing PERFECTLY NORMAL opposite gender stuff to each other.

> but I don't think that should be banned.
Of course not:
banning should be reserved for abnormal, bad, degenerate faggotry.

found the orphan

Just don't let gays fuck you in the ass and you'll be fine, dude.

>just another PERFECTLY NORMAL kid posting on Sup Forums

>What's your best argument against homosexuality?
Its fuckin gay.

It's gay

With regards to Christianity, it's easy. But I do not believe they were wrong. We have biological proof that homosexuality is wrong. You are more likely to get STD's from the act. What would you expect ancient people to do if they saw with their own eyes the result of such a life style? With their own eyes they saw homosexuals getting diseases from being gay. So naturally, whether you believed in God or not, they saw it as wrong. Why? Because men were clearly being physically effected by it. It works as confirmation for their religious "bias" toward homosexuality.

When did anyone say homosexuality should be "banned?" It shouldn't be. This is a free country, do what you want. I personally think it's disgusting, weird, and is clearly against nature, but you do you.

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All sex should be banned. Humans are a plague

Plenty of religious cucks in our couy (merica) want to make homosexuality illegal again (yes, it used to be illegal, gay bars were getting raided by cops up till the 70s)

Sodomy laws still kinda make gay sex illegal, but nobody is enforcing that.

Did you mean to aim that response at me or what?

The stds dont come from homosexuality, but from anal sex, which rips open wounds in the ass, and from fucking around with every other faggot they can find
>not all homos fuck around tho
Just search for homosexuals and stds, its easy enough to find statistics on aids for instance
>the anus wasn't meant for penetration
Anus gets far easier and more often wounded from penetration, see aids statistics

His other two points are probably Bullshit

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