I wanted to make a joke to my sister by taking her phone...

I wanted to make a joke to my sister by taking her phone. And I have to watch out of curiosity and I saw this dog nudes in our kitchen.fil stupid sister

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I fart and burp all the time. I seem to have gas constantly and I release it in some form approximately every 5 minutes. Apparently I do it in my sleep too.

If I'm on my own, surrounded by family or friends, I fart loudly without any attempt to conceal it. If I'm in public I still fart and burp but quieter. Even in work and in meetings I fart but I just do it quieter. They almost never smell, and even if they do its pretty mild and passes quickly.

There are only very rare circumstances in which I'll hold it in, the conditions have to meet all of the following criteria:

> I have eaten spicy food or drank lots of beer the night before
> I have farted a few times already and they fucking stink
>I'm in a social environment with people I'm not totally comfortable with

I will try to blackmail him but I have recovered everything

a picture

I told her and she pumped me to get those pictures I already recorded,stupid sister

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I still have full I recovered everything

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his phone is shielded

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it is a slut sister I know her secret now she is mine

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I will share most of these pictures. And I will show him all what you said about her is his punishment

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