Ask a black introvert anything

Ask a black introvert anything

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do you watch interracial porn ?

I do watch it frequently

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Do you like dick

Would you fuck a white boy if you meant you could become a millionaire?

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Yup, I'd low-key suck one irl
Absolutely, I'd love to get millions from fucking white men

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why does your skin color matter?

Is that your pussy?

It doesn't
Nope that's Ella hollywood

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you seem to have a decent collection of ts gifs, please continue posting them

Will do, I'll start spamming a little

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And that's all for now until you ask more questions

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would you fuck a femboi if he was 23 4 foot 9 blonde and weighed 90 pounds?

nice, I wish some black bull would breed my gf, thats a big fantasy of mine

Of course I would.

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define your current sexuality

If you look around the internet I'm sure you'll find someone to fulfill your fantasies
Mostly straight.

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nah, I dont want my relationship to be ruined, I just like to fap to the idea

That's fine too.

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Is your name Victor? :3

Nope sry

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Still here

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fellow black trap-loving introvert here, just saying hi

Why do you keep posting pictures of white traps

Oh colman, sale merde tu fou quoi

Do you fear the Meatball Man?

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Sup, nice to see someone who shares the same interests here
There aren't many black traps, so I mainly have material of white ones.
Is this a new trend or something?

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It’s from a really great cartoon from a YouTuber. One of the most original pieces of work I have seen in a long time. It’s called “Little Runmo”
The animation is great and the artist deserves tons of recognition

Why do you like traps?

Based on the thumbnail I might like it, I'll check it out when I'm not busy.

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I don't know, i started liking futa first then that evolved into drawn traps with this pic, and from there it changed into tgirls then real traps.

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have you ever drawn a blue duck?

i think bailey jay is about as good as it gets in terms of the perfect fantasy woman, do you agree?

im convinced she was made by a higher power to tempt man and woman alike

No, I can't draw worth shit.
I wholeheartedly agree, she's perfect.

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Gonna post some bailey

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Bailey is so fucking perfect

Tell me about it

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What a goddess, I need to worship her

I wish I knew
Join the party user

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That's unfortunate. Side shots of any genre is hard to find, let alone a standing fuck from the side shot angle.

I wish I could run a porn studio and do it right, but I cannot do it. :P

Sounds like a fun party

I was in your other thread where the first Op post was this pic.

FFFFUCK, Bailey has such a great cock. You still have great taste user.

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Get off of Sup Forums chris.

Btw, at what age did your Futa liking started? Was it here on Sup Forums? For me it was just in random hentai sites when I downloaded images without seeing them, and then when the time for using them for my fap sessions started I noticed them and deleted them after, with time I started really liking them.

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I don't remember posting that pic before, that might have been someone else
My name's not chris
It started when I was around 14 and I used to browse hentai-foundry as my main porn site, then several years later i moved onto Tumblr.

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did you ever have sex with a person who wasn't biologically female at birth? what was your experience like? with irl traps and ladyboys, etc

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I'm still a virgin so ive had no experience.

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Im not gay but i think i can make a guy cum fast with my mouth!

are you what society at large would consider a nerdy black person?

Yup, pretty much.
Do what makes you happy user.

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dude I wish I had a nerdy black friend who posts on Sup Forums!

why niggers hate nigresses so much?

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why are you black?

If youre talking about "black women" I don't hate them, it's quite the opposite
Every thread.

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but here you are worshiping white faggots instead of making a nigress happy

I would go worship black queens if I wasn't so socially akward.

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stop calling him "dude"
he only responds to being called a nigga

Dick here

white faggots were made for nigger BBC

Begone bot

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I love when a woman's cock is bigger than mine.

Same here, that's why Mariana Cordoba is my fav

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Still here guys

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Yes, more limp dick white bois getting plowed please

She is incredible.

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Will do.

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Exactly what I'm talking about! Please keep em coming to get me cumming

would you ever marry/start a family or life with a trans girl that you found attractive?

I would, but my parents aren't exactly accepting of trans people.

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And this is it for now.

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who's this?

Natasha aughey

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Looks like it's the end of the thread.

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Why though I'm still fapping

I guess I'll spam until this thread 404s

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