Gore ReKt

Gore ReKt

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Because we need a fourth rekt thread....


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I'd take a while catalog of rekts than a catalog of blacked trannies

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Whats the story here?

I'm almost certain those fuckers deserved it, but i'm curious what they did

Can we get those Indian rape webm?

gass leak, and he lights his sig.


He got too woke. Transcended space and time.

Nerve gas

WHERE'S THE GORE THO? op is a faggot

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personally, my favorite

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super saiyan

Seen this a lot, what's the story?

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high school kids fighting. one chokes out the other.


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Delete this!!!! MODS!!!

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Nigger talking shit
Nerd boy shows who's the real alpha

That's really cool AND quicker

was in the news not long ago, don't remember exactly but the punks where fucking around and the guy got mad and run them over
there is another video with more angles but i can't find it you can see them fly there

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Rekt here


You fucking animal.

fuck you you fucking maniac. Why would you post something like that?

This is my rifle, there are many like it but this one is mine

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Is this like a fetish?


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I've just been sitting in my room, Staring at my wall for a fucking hour now, What the fuck is wrong with you. Ugh, Posting shit like that, I know this is Sup Forums and all but for fucks sake have a little consideration fag. I fucking quit.

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No, but this may be.

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This is rekt... not gore fag

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Wow that's some of the worst shit I seen, special place in hell for you user

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Yes yes yes so hot. Fuck yes omg moar!!!!

did she live?

Dude no!!!


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Bruce Lee in the making


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They're asking for it, fuck


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Chinks being insectoids with no soul so they fear no repercussion or fear of not following regulations.

In mainland china insects don't put the tincture that smells and thus warns you that gas is leaking. That was the result.


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wrong thread faggot


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Nerve gas.

ded by nerve gas

I don't understand her sign. Elaborate?

Me on the left.

If you are going to shit up a gore thread, I'll bite.

They have a good point. Sex work should definitely be legal. It would greatly reduce the number of rapes as proven in countries with legal sex work.
Prove me wrong.
>Protip: You literally can't

Too much ecstasy and sex to the point of paralysis. Some say she's still orgasming today.

sex work breeds human trafficking and degrades women to sex objects.

Wrong. Their body their choice. Isn't that what they always preach?

They're retarded. Conditioned by (((them))) to think that reducing yourself to a walking vagina is empowering. Many women are coerced or trafficked to do porn as it is. Just look at girlsdoporn, and the 15 year old that was on pornhub a few weeks ago.

"Women's choices and actions shouldn't matter."

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Too bad he didnt run all 3 of those future niggers over.

Rule 0

nuck figgers

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nerve gas

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> the 15 year old that was on pornhub a few weeks ago.


Except when it's just women moving to a different country for work, just as the men have done for an equal amount of time and been ignored, it's just illegal immigration, not human trafficking.

there's literally gore in the name you fucking brainlet

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Jesus Christ wtf

So much HIV in this pic

Holy shit. Story?

Why?? What happens in the video

What the fuck happened in the vid??

There was a girl that was reported missing a few months ago who was identified in multiple videos of her on pornhub being raped. Pornhub didn't take it down until the family threatened to lawyer up.

source on that?