I share info and Pics of my crush thread

I share info and Pics of my crush thread

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send more please

Right away my dude.

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hmm nudes perhaps

maybe some nudes

I'm sorry fellas I don't posses nudes.
She's my Crush not my gf.

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bruh what you mean?

I don't have nudes of her sorry.
Just these teases

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Sooo are you gonna get ya tip DIPPED

What do you mean?

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Thanks, OP!

Meowrizza is a man.

I know. She is not Meowriza.
Literally my crush irl

Why not promote her from crush to girlfriend?

God damn, with that level of thiccness I can't blame you

Can't, Literally her trap bff

She cuck you with that good bbc yet? My crush did, love to hate it

There you go

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post yourself too

No BBC in sight where I'm from.
No need tho, I'm half the national average already.

Just gonna quickly pull my pants down and be done with it. Not wanting to make this about me.

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you got kik?

I don't.
Place for weird old creeps mostly

snap, discord?

Soo...he was behind all that...?

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Will anyone share and repost pics and info of my cheating ex bf

Really prefer the trap to the big assed girl?

Bro your crush is fine as hell. Got snap or kik of hers I can send a lil 9 inch tribute to?

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Sorry she's a total normie dude.

Every woman likes being appreciated, normie or not. She knows she's hot, think she would appreciate it even though she might tell you otherwise. But you know best, i'll lurk if you change your mind

It's ok. I'd love you to fuck her don't take me wrong. She just doesn't have discord or kik or that kinda stuff.

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Ah gotcha bro. Keep posting her though

Right away

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De dónde es la morra, pa?


Una argenta culona

Yes indeed

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But if she's a crush, is she sending this to you?

She's not. But we best friends over ig

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Got any pics with legs and ass?

Like this?

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Lol, it's fun to let alpha males look at your crushes ass lol

Thats good, but do you have any with her whole legs and ass?

What exactly are you asking?

Full body maybe?

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"Suicidate" "Flema" Los Rolling Stones
She's Pura Argentina lol she's cute

She really is!
Wow you know about Argentine culture

Yeah I'm half Argentinian myself so I know a little about it. What town is she from?

Buenos Aires. She's no Hinterland N word.

discord gg/g6upAQ3
no rules
anything goes

Why are you saying you want other guys to fuck her? claim her yourself man. weak

Who said I was strong?
I'm Literally a trap dude

help me understand then. u have a crush on this girl and you want som1 else to fuck her?

In this PARTICULAR case, not normal for me.

In this PARTICULAR case, not normal for me

send her my number so i can send her my 20m white dick and make her call me papi

Hes a beta bitch. He is too weak to get the girl so he enjoys being cucked by real alpha men to look at her and talk about her. Whats there not to understand?

give her ig now libtard

That's a way to put it

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stop promoting and celebrating that behaviour u weird fuck

I see! And I thought that culture was mostly in Mendoza. I should have known. After a couple fernet con coca I'd have her sucking me up in no time

Who gives a fuck. Each to their own, whats it to you? Feeling insecure lately or what

Bet ya would

Vice versa man, you promote this behaviour cuz you wouldn't strive in a perfect world, a world like this you do fine in so you promite degeneracy.

A weak minded fuck

Has a thread about my Crushes butt become a philosophical debate on cuck-ish behavior?

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Talking about it online suddenly makes it my only reality and one true dream? Get a load of yourself dude, just because you dont understand it doesnt mean its wrong. You are the real weak minded fuck considering your tunnel vision. Now stop being an armchair psychologist and just leave the thread, since you have an issue with it

OP Here, this is epic. Lol, what have I created.

Nah, prefer here to stay and debate you so cucks can get a wake up call.

Post more of her. Got any pics of her tits?

I do! Enjoy them

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I will, damn fine. Btw does she send you these pics because she wants to cuck you or whats up with that?

Girls trust each other with "do i look good in this one?" Kinda things.
And she sees me as a girl so.
On the other hand I have to listen to her ramble about her boyfriends

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Her and a fuckbuddy

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Sounds like she knows what she is doing, what a good girl. Used to fuck a girl who did the same to her friend who was a trap/sissy. Sent pics etc, good times. Do you enjoy it?

Are you implying she's actively cucking me?

Also of course I enjoy it lol.

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>tiene muy buen culo

que cosota!

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I mean it depends on how often she sends you pics and what she talks to you about her boyfriends.

I phrased that poorly. What I meant was did you have to learn to enjoy it? Or did you like it from the start?

A perfect one.

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you have one with full face, or maybe full body outside

I idk, I think it slightly psychologically conditioned me into cuckoldry cause I like her so I like her even when others fuck her? Idk

Those lips, that ass.. man she is just made for cock isnt she?

She totally is!

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Thanks for so much cuckolding guys

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She's so beautiful

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Well its always nice when theres a willing beta cuck. I also think its sweet that you truly like her and still post her for others to see.

Would you like to watch her get fucked rough right in front of you, and then forced to lick her clean afterwards?

You should stop being so spot on

Reward for being so nice to me lol

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You mean its 100% right och too blunt? I dont get it

No just telling you you are spot on. No more meanings there

So whats stopping you from making it a reality? I'd help you if I was from Argentina, but surely there are plenty of dudes who would enjoy it.

Maybe she isnt in on it? I mean does she know you have a crush on her, or that you are sharing her pics?

She doesn't know anything.
We used to flirt a bit when you know, I still had body hair and name pronouns.

I see, thats a shame really. Try asking about the sex when she is talking about her boyfriends, see how she reacts. Anyways, I'm signing off,
but I wish you the best of luck with your crush. Hope she starts cucking you real good one day. Peace