What is the best thing about Sup Forums?

What is the best thing about Sup Forums?

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The satisfying feeling when you close the tab

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modern Sup Forums is low quality

Most degenerate server on all of Discord, so legendary people avoid it.
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>25 cents

Faggots like you making yourself look like idiots

that its not plebbit

All the lolli you can get. Bump

The sense of community and brorherhood


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It's a place to escape real life abuse

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11 more until a free icee!~

>What is the best thing about Sup Forums?

Certainly not coherent thinking or rational discourse.

You can be an autist and will have worse autists than you

this, no matter how bugfuck crazy and retarded you are, within 3 minutes of browsing Sup Forums you can find someone infinitely worse


the fact that it is totally anonymous is enormously liberating

So true it’s not even funny.

Sometimes i like to make threads with beautiful works of art. So that you'll be scrolling through past gore, and porn, and loli, and traps, and porn, and big black dicks, and logs of shit, and porn, and then beautiful paintings.

I mean, to be honest if they can sperg out harder than I can, it's almost certainly pretty funny.