She is MY president

She is MY president

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You ARE a faggot

Not for 5 years she isn't you illiterate faggot, she's only 30.

thank you madam president!

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You ARE the faggot actually

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imagine making these threads 16 hours a day. just imagine.

She not even smart enough to hold a bartending job. The commie handlers will use her up and shit her out when she is no longer useful. Commie fuck stick.

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Imagine not

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Ok, keep Shilling for (((THEM))) and their Allies in the far-far Left, cultural Marxists

>She not even smart enough to hold a bartending job.
>current job: representative of the united states


Nigga she isnt a president she is the senator of new york
And this is Sup Forums go back to tumblr with that shit


Let me correct you over there:
>Current job: representative of a small minority of the population of the usa.
Not even all the 'minorities' she claim to represent accept the stupid shit she talks. I'm one of them.

Well good for you, But she's not anyone elses president xd

This is probley a.o.c starting this tread.

discord gg/g6upAQ3
no rules
anything goes

she looks like michael jackson


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Mine too!

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