Bestiality thread

bestiality thread

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Emphasis on best

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Moar horse

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horses > any other animal


"the" what, krautanon?

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.... fucking kek

horse cock best cock

You're all sick

You gotta get married first!

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Only then can you consummate your love, as lawfully wedded husband and wife!

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Y'all should consider it

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My boi just posted a giphy.gif, Reddit is that way.

Agreed, they must tie the knot first

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my person

At least Reddit is more structured than this hell hole

LMAO r/funnymemes am i right guys????!!

Did you just come to Sup Forums to bitch and whine?

Reddit Is for trannies and faggots, here we fap to the trannies and faggots and also make fun of them, and everyone else, GTFO you Reddit shill.


I'm gonna need you to lower your voice sir

stallions>any other male

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Someone make kik group

Which subreddit is this going in, you shill?

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So anyone here done anything with a real animal?

Fucked a bitch and a sow before

Never tried horse pussy

I don't even use Reddit, so none I guess. Just continue to jerk to your hentai in peace

My ex and I did some shit with our dog. She wanted some dog cum. We got her some dog cum.

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Yeah, it's a shame she moved to Texas. She wasn't bad looking at all, just kind of demanding, kind of a bitch too.


>kind of a bitch too.

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Best website for beastiality?

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My ex blew me and our dog at the same time. The things i would do to do it again.

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any creature requests?

Got fucked by my uncles dog when I was in my trying to figure out my sexuality phase. Big mountain dog. Felt good but the memories keep me suicidal

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100% she had fucked your dog before that.

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Was my family's dog so unless i was sleeping or some shit while she was overi doubt it. Her family only had a bitch so idk.

Then at least A dog, if she sucked your's cock in front of you she's had experience.

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Kill yourself

She was a degenerate so yeah probably i wouldnt put it past her that she messed around with her female dog.

How was the sow? Their cunts look extraordinarily soft.

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Would you take the knot if you were in her position, Sup Forums?

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That's just nasty

Would love to try it

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keep going

Yeah it was awesome. She had both of us in her mouth at the same time and i instantly busted.

we need more of her

Well double kill yourself then faggot.

Kill yourself, revive yourself then kill yourself again.

This thread needs more 3dpd

I wish I could contribute.

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That's a big fucking unf from me dawg

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Every fictional loli thread degenerates into shitty arguments, and here in the fictional beastiality thread everyone gets along swimmingly.

So that's the fetish composition of anonymous now, huh.

Beastiality and traps, good job guys.


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Well I can provide one kind of 3DPD

The other kind, I'm afraid, is bannable

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Ah fuck, I didn't know that.

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We broke up before it happened again unfortunatly but thats because she was a psycho lol

some girls just really love their horses

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Beasts here

wtf thats hot, got her snap?

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And some girls REALLY love their horses

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>Have petite cousin that's a horse girl
>She owns and races them
>Can't stop thinking about her tiny frame getting destroyed by a massive horse dick

Man I'm fucked

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Yeah, some faggots here are trying to sleep, nigger.

well I know she has kissed her horses dick in a "dare" and she loves guys with big dicks so you know what everybody is thinking

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what's that?

I saved a gif of a girl pulling a horse cock out of her pussy, it was a creampie...IRL

It was from one of these threads on /b

Damn she's cute too! Would love to see more of her... with horse too if you've got more.

Beast kik...

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Every girl who owns a horse has has horse cum in them and you can't convince me otherwise.

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She never has trouble finding a guy to mount her but we all got our suspiciouns

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I'd do my best to talk her into it or at least find out if she's done/thought about it, hot thought to think of her naked below one.

Dead show.

Whoever dared her to do it is the real hero.

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Apparently it was a bet between the "horse girls" not supsicious at all if no matter the outcome someone is kissing horse dick

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Any horse gifs/webms?

I'm sure the hardest part for her was acting like she didn't love it

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pedo shit sucks though. Traps are meh.

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My ex is a horse girl and I often wonder whether she ever thought about horse cock.

I bet after the bet they all secretly wanted to try too.

I am certain they all tried and loved it at some point

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All of the day bro

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Especially hope so for my ex! She's like 5'2 and tiny, a horse is probably more than half her size lol.

Your girl (whoever she is to you) would look great getting fucked, period.

sauce ?

Honestly I'd just want to see her mounted by something. Either way is hot.