Wwyd thread

Wwyd thread

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Rip that bikini bra off, and let loose those tits

generic comment on great rack


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Sounds weird, but I want to smell her ass.

Have a DD tit fuck then finish on her face


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force her up against the stall and tear open her yoga pants to rape her ass, with consent of course.

Slap her ass and fuck her slutty mouth

Grab her hair and force her head below the water, after a minute of her struggling I'd pull her up and force her head down my cock, hope she gets a gasp in between. Alternate between holding her head underwater and throat fuck until shes virtually lifeless from lack of oxygen, after a few cycles shes too weak to resist me forcing my way into her ass. After I unload in her ass I throw her body over the rail.

>which do you want and wwyd

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I'm gonna fuck the blonde from behind and blow a load into her while brunette watches, and use brunettes mouth to clean off my cock after each round with blonde.

Girl on the far left. Just the nicest face


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Look around for bystanders and yell to them “look at these honkers!”
Roughly grab at her chest and yell “honk honk!”
Leave bruises on her boobs from the over the top squeezing
Leave cuts from my long fingernails
Leave hear damage from my yelling honk into her ears

I wish i could go all Dexter on those bitches...Take the face of the left...the tits of the far right and throw them together on the tall bitch

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Tbh no reason you cant

Wwyd to Morgen, Liz, and Kelsey?

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Wwyd to Abby?

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Which intern and wwyd?

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Use her as a rapetoy

Mother and daughters

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How would you use her?

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I'd tie her legs apart to bedposts and keep her blindfolded almost all the time so I have her to use, only going into to fuck her, cum in her, and leave whenever I feel horny


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berate her for that basic and trashy tattoo

Would you torture/abuse her?

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Absolutely. I'd make her wear a collar and crawl around, beating her and punishing her anytime she disobeyed or looked like she deserved it


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Oh and I'd do it all in public too

have her suck me off and lick under my foreskin

Whatever I felt like doing. Gosh!

Wwyd to my gf

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Wife wwyd?

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I'd swallow the shit directly from her ass, no matter how runny. No lie.


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Got moar?


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Wwyd here

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Those lips were built to be fucked and that chest is definitely for it jobs. Please post more

Belt around neck
Bent over doggy
Pants barely pulled down over that add for what I need
Cock buried in asshole balls deep
While shes on the phone to her hubby telling him she's running a bit late, but will be home with food shortly

WWYD to middle girl?

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I’d fuck lefty while righty groped her tits. Mom watches in horror as I bang out her girls and make them go down on each other.

WWYD with these two sisters?

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thigh fuck and then rub my cock between her oiled ass.


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Yeah, perfect. She's gonna be face fucked a lot, hands cuffed behind her as I turn her into a gagging, drooling mess

Tied down across the bed on her back so her head hangs over the side. Switch off between throat fucking her and tit fucking her. Would leave her like that all day so at any time I got the itch, I could use her. If CL was still a thing, I'd post up an ad offering her mouth and tits for free.

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Pick one wwyd

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Oh yeah I'd rape that Jew face for sure


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I'd bend her over and force my dick in her asshole until she fainted


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Do you have nudes?

hold her down and fuck her tits

No one? Damn alright


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Anyone want me to jerk to their girl? Kik captainscurvy420

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She's got a nice fuckable body. I'd love to force myself into her and use her as a cumdump

Wwyd with these two

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ask her out to mcdonalds

That's what I'm talking about, have another

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She has small tits but I'd love to fuck them. Maybe even try to milk her just to get them bigger.

And collar, but I won't go into petplay stuff since most people don't like it

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Small tits but a nice ass and really juicy pussy

Buy the shitty insence or candles or whatever they’re selling and ask them to fuck off

Got more?

Wwyd to these twins?

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I got a few things

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walking around like that just begging to get bent over and hard fucked

I like her. A lot. God damn I like her

Then you might like this?

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I'd ask if they'd both shit in my mouth for $1000

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