Impeachment nearing in congress, probably wont pass senate but still will hit him hard

impeachment nearing in congress, probably wont pass senate but still will hit him hard

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you miss the point. Trump wanted the Ukraine to announce they were investigating Biden just to make him look bad, when they had no plans to do so. He didn't even care if it happened, he just wanted it to look like it was the Ukraines idea

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Hello from Ukraine, niggers

Keep flailing brainlets. Anything to distract from the ongoing Trainwreck

literal whitenoise

and there is so much more to read if you care ...

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Nothing will come out of this, and you'll rage on for 4 more years because you're retarded. you silly libs are going to get MAGA'd right up the ass again, and once again you're going to have no idea what went wrong.

>2016: it's over

>2017: it's over

>2018: it's over

>2019: it's over

>it's over

>every fucking day, it's over
>every fucking scandal: not true
>every fucking scandal: created by dems
>every fucking scandal: unearths more dem corruption

inb4 it's over

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good work shareblue but where's your evidence

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Not sure if 12 or just from Florida...

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>I don't care if the president breaks the law as long as my "team" is "winning"

You guys are idiots. When it's shown that Trump didn't do anything wrong, you idiots aren't going to understand the legal nuance to support that claim. Then you'll call corruption, and get even more violent, until you're all shot down.

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He didn't break the law. Ironic how Leftists turn to legality now when they've opposed the law for the sake of "huurr resist" up until now.

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I'm very left wing, but this shit made me laugh.

>that's what libtards actually belive.
In 3 years of his presidency I thought you cucks would get it... Shit doesn't stick to to him. He is hydrophobic you stupid mongoliods.

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Being a mentally ill emotionally dysregulated gender confused autistically screeching self-loathing libtard bending the knee (and over) for his lqbtqp overlords is no way to go through life.

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Being a mentally ill emotionally dysregulated gender confused autistically screeching self-loathing libtard bending the knee (and over) for his lqbtqp overlords is no way to go through life.

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Sounds like you're triggered! LMAO!

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LMAO at this triggered conservative who's pissed Trump is finally being held slightly accountable for his crimes.

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yeah, since everyone on both sides care so much what rich kikes think in 2019 lol

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to be fair, the left are complete assholes and horrible people. most of the images user posted are spot on. many of them deserve to be punched in the face with a truck. say what you want about the right, "theyre stupid, inbred, immoral...." , at least they know their genders and which bathroom to use.

how are you not doing the exact same thing he is by considering him an outsider

OK Boomer

>at least they know their genders and which bathroom to use.

And in Alabama, they know which family members to fuck.

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impeached by faggots and then re-elected. It is going to be epic win

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pathetic. 1/10 for the attempt

I didnt know lmao meant seething. Interesting take, Ivan. You might need to study our language more.

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Just a friendly reminder that Trump has a tiny mushroom dick.

>She describes Trump’s penis as “smaller than average” but “not freakishly small”.

>“He knows he has an unusual penis,” Daniels writes. “It has a huge mushroom head. Like a toadstool …

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>“I lay there, annoyed that I was getting fucked by a guy with Yeti pubes and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart ...

>“It may have been the least impressive sex I’d ever had, but clearly, he didn’t share that opinion.”

>Whenever she saw Trump on television for years afterwards, Daniels writes, an internal monologue would play out: “‘I had sex with that,’ I’d say to myself. Eech.”

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he misses the point on purpose like all the trump boot lickers. It's a cult, they'll never turn against their great leader.

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so does everyone on Sup Forums. whats your point?

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Your manhood is really wrapped up in your political affiliations huh? I wonder why that is.

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Everyone on Sup Forums is also a screeching faggot, yet some triggered boomer keeps posting pics that imply it's exclusively a Democrat thing. What's their point?

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Kek, the war industrial complex really wants him gone. Fucking dems even chastised him for not going to war with turkey, like dafuq thought you guys liked peace.

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clearly to trigger your autism. seems like its working very well.

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>secure boarders
airplanes exist. a wall doesn't secure borders.

>rebuild military


>End Wars

Create More Jobs

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This image makes no sense to me or rather it's as if democrats don't see the hypocrisy of it, considering that's literally what CNN and the MSM did about Trump eating ice cream with two scoops.

Dems like peace, but prefer freedom. Handing entire countries over to russia bodes poorly for freedom.

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trinity dubs of truth

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Remember when fox went on and on about Obama's tan suit, or when Obama asked for dijon mustard?

that sounds so cold war 1980

Whataboutism in action
right from the trump playbook
it's your go to in every situation

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educated people don't get their news from TV. TV news is for idiots. Fox and CNN are both pretty fucking stupid.

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You don't know shit about Putin. He's far worse Gorbachov. He's one of the most evil and dangerous men alive. Ex KGB, runs his country like the mafia. He's in control of the Russian mafia. Russia is a dystopian nightmare.

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Toad always did strike me as a smug little dickhead

They just don’t mind thousands of us soldiers deaths to achieve funding of oil companies. I don’t see how handing Syria over to turkey is costing US citizens freedoms, but then again I’m a pretty rational guy.

Its pretty easy to feel right when there are only strawmen to argue.

yeah, this is going great

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