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Dani bellagossi

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You got kik?

her friend Malu is way sexier

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is this whore legal yet?

Tits are huge would love to fuck them silly while she moans at me with her bitchy wee voice then thrust my cock down her throat

Malu is a sandnigger

Her insta?

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Bet you she’s an unreal ride would love to fuck her tight little puffy pussy


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and she's more of a coal-burner, really

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Naw, got wickr tho

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Sorry only kik have good trades kik afamb134


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How can one chick who only fucks black dudes be more of a coal burner than another chick who only fucks black dudes?

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Fuck I’d let her sit on my face all day long dirty wee skank

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Woahvicky lowkey kinda hot I’d fuck that ass no problem

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man wouldnt it be crazy if she let me lick her greasy sweaty body clean like a cat. Hahah that would be so crazy man

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as long as she was gagged

Wow, she´s just waiting until she hits 18 so she can start doing porn, isn´t she?

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Is gag her with my fat cock

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Holy fuckkkkk you got kik? Her ass I’d eat it all day and night she’d be crying once I’ve finished with her

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no but i'll dump

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because one is blatant about it while the other is in disguise

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Please do
Lmk when your finished.
I'll be lurking

My cock thanks you

Ass or Titties?

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Fuck it both plz lol

Still hot tho

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Kik only

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YOu still would though/

Post more user

aight whats yours?

Ohhhh yes!!

Nah Dani all the way

Whoa Vicky is the poster child for fetal alcohol syndrome

idc who she fucks... still all rape meat

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Nip slip

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She'll burn out it one day.
Thank God.

>rape meat
I found an incel.

Who is sharing on wicker?

alright i hit you up. dwilliamson474

>in a dani thread
>calling other people an incel

imagine keeping eye contact with her as long as possible without looking down on her boobs

I'd like to pump a half gallon of nut in her then slit her throat for being a coalburner.

I really want to come up to her, convince her I'm a hollywood producer and casting couch the dumb fucking slut. Facial abuse style.

it's not even an IF she'll do it, it's WHEN will you get your act together and trick the slut

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If I could I would, honestly would fucking love to trick the cumdump. Fucking throat fuck her till all her makeup sheds away, and leave her a soaking mess while I fuck her ass.

Her nails look stupid af

Your really looking at her nails ffs

>not all hero’s wear capes

I looked at the good bits first, gotta take in the whole image

Bendy ass counter top lol

Idk how old she is but she has that dead inside/thousand cock stare

What a repugnant bag of shit

16. Born March of 2003

I bet this one never met her father lmao

No you

What site is that? I’ve been looking for sites that display gallery’s with full images

well it would explain the whore behavior


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What about Queen Fayth?

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Why isn't this thread full of nudes?


because MODZZZ

16 and she probably fucked so many blacks her pussy looks like this

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Anyone got bait? Kik me: GreenSoft

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Sup Forums has mods?


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Want to fuck her throat, then tits when they're all wet with her drool.


Repugnant subhuman. Dirty, low IQ, ugly, nigger lover.....

Do u need more factors?

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user, are you sharing anywhere? Discord, wickr, kik?


No just here, that's all ive got

How have those beauts not been leaked yet. Young and reckless yet no leaks? How is that even possible. We have A least movie stars who had leaks yet some talk show star remains modest?


well she was like 14 about a year or two ago, so I'd say no and you're all pedos